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Bolyn McClung

Would the Panthers rather be in Philly?


As W. C. Fields is rumored to have said about a another option than death. "All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

Our barely alive team needs to know that Philly is where the dying can find a next-to-the-last chance to breath.

Smitty OldDog

You'd be surprised how far along this deal to move to LA already has progressed in the last few months. It's coming. Don't be too shocked when it happens.


Fast Freddie, you might want to actually get some facts before you spout off. Where were you in 1996, 2003, 2005, when the Panthers went to the divisional championships and a Super Bowl? There are numerous teams that have not matched this success during the same timeframe.


The Panthers were approached by the power brokers in City Hall. The Mayor has hinted that the city is willing to pay for improvements to the stadium. Now the city floats a story that L.A. is after the Panthers.

The only problem, the Panthers have not asked for money from the city, does not want money from the city, and has no plans to relocate to a facility they would not own in a market notorious for a lack of Fan support for the NFL.

Not to mention the fact that the team would have to buy back PCL's prior to any move. The most likely target is the Jaguars, followed by the Saints. They wanted to move after the 2005 season to San Antonio, but was forced to stay due to the potential bad PR of the NFL abandoning New Orleans. We are 7 years removed from Katrina, and if enough money is offered they could be on the way out. The alternative is expansion/relocation, with one team going to San Antonio, and the other two to L.A.

The crap spouted by the CBJ, and C.O. is a non-story, that has not been picked up by local or national sports talk.


Bob Morgan is working for the Panthers. Just the way he was told to do...by the Panthers. Make the citizens scared and they will beg JR to take their millions. This is the salvo from the C of C. A wicked good campaign and guaranteed to scare voters and simple minded elected officials into line.


Let's step away from the hysteria and examine things logically:

-The NFL has a fund for new or renovation stadium costs. The Panthers will get some money from that fund.

-It won't be enough, and Jerry will ask the taxpayers to pay the rest.

-Keep in mind that Charlotte has a Democrat mayor and a Democrat super-majority on city council. As a general rule, Democrats are much more receptive to tax increases than Republicans are.

-Democrat or Republican, few ordinary citizens in Charlotte have any appetite for giving any taxpayer money to sports arenas.

-Charlotte politicians have a history of funding sports facilities the citizens didn't approve of.

Piece all these facts together and you will see the plan. The Panthers, other than 3 seasons, have been rotten or mediocre most of their existence. To appear outraged and soften the environment for future funding requests, JR fires his sons. The team stays incredibly average. Halfway through the life cycle, JR announces major rennovations are needed. He knows the Democrats have a strangle-hold on the executive and legislative branches of local government, a group that will be more open to the idea of raising taxes to pay for non-essential items. The politicians, knowing the public distaste for such funding, promise the citizens they will play hardball with JR. Eventually, JR announces a dollar amount, but stops short of asking for a certain amount of public money. He works with his good buddy RG1 and gets a big chunk of the needed funds from the NFL stadium fund. Then JR announces how much public money is needed. Whatever that amount, the mayor and council members feign outrage. Foolishly falling for it, the citizens re-elect the mayor and all the city council reps by wide margins. On December 1, 2013, the mayor announces JR will get every dime he has requested, funded by yet another increase to hotel and car rental taxes, as well as an increase on the extra property tax on uptown/South End property. Everyone feigns shock and awe when the tax increases fail to produce the revenue that was projected, and demands a tax increase from the Mecklenburg County Commissioners. Harry Jones gleefully agrees.

Citizens feign outrage. The Panthers continue to sell out every game in the spruced-up stadium and the elected officials who voted for the tax increases are all re-elected.


Oh, about Bob Morgan - whatever. The Chargers and Rams are moving to LA and 2 of the Florida teams are moving to London. Moving on...

john holmes

Tom, Jerry doesn't have to MOVE to L.A. in order for the Panthers to move there. He is a businessman. The way this town has TRASHED him over the last couple years....it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he decided it's time to sell. Why not? What did he buy the franchise for, $200 million? He could sell it for $1billion. He fired his sons, he fired Marty. All business decisions. Another year of the Observer, and WFNZ trash-mouthing him on a daily basis because Cam REPEATEDLY turns the ball over when we need it most....and I would not be surprised for a second to see him sell. You shouldn't be surprised either.


The only upgrade I see that taxpayers might could help with, that BoA needs are escalators to the upper deck. This would benefit the average fan, average taxpayer. Skybox upgrades and so forth seem like more of a luxury though if they ask for that.

on balance, the NFL has a major impact on the area and losing them would be a big blow. PSL holders would be left holding the bag too. Hopefully this is not some attempt to scare up funds for major upgrades. Since PSL holders "own" the stadium, maybe they could pay some "HOA" type fee for any upgrades outside stuff like the needed escalators.


^eg. PSL ('home owner association") fee of 2% or so on assed value could raise several million dollars for upgrades.

Joel Kweskin

Tom, thanks for reminding us once again (and again and again) that the NFL is the most popular, most important, most awesome entity since someone named God. As for the Panthers not moving anywhere, what could happen is they continue to lose; Newton gets frustrated; he squawks and leaves; internecine front office problems ensue; the wine and cheese crowd of "fans" -- you know, the ones who leave in the third quarter anyway -- chafe and then lose interest; and the team indeed heads for a hungrier city. It's happened before. Oh yeah...in Charlotte.


It's not happening, it's not in the process of happening and it's not going to happen!! BOA stadium is in good shape with plenty of luxury boxes. The team draws well and isn't bleeding money. Whoever said the Panthers would move or even flirt with the idea is delusional.


Let them go-- never have been the team they were advertised to be- but they are making money for Mr. Richardson and thats what they are reall for. The scary thing is that the city will fold and write him a check for what ever amount he wants-- they only way to change it is to vote--


The Panthers will stay in Charlotte IF they get what they want (new/renovated stadium at taxpayer expense) anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot, and Tom, most journalists base "factual" stories on current situations, not conversations from "a few years ago.." Where's Jerry's statement from um like, TODAY???


Please move the pussies to LA - They're an embarrassment to the Carolinas.


No matter what the team's record is they make money - and lots of it. They are always at the top of list in NFL team revenue. They have sold out every game since day one. Jerry Richardson is a smart businessman and if you're paying attention it's not hard to see that the Panthers are a good investment. Never say never, but I would bet my PSL's they aren't leaving Charlotte.


Jerry Richardson will be outta here with the Panthers if Charlotte doesn;t cough up the dough. The NBA got the new arena they wanted, thanks to Pat McCrory and Lynn Wheeler, and the NFL will get the stadium it wants. Politicians, all politicians, are too afraid not to spend the money.


I do not trust Richardson where his legacy is guiding by one thing...money. It's more important than paying and fielding a good team. It's more important on where his team plays. The only credit I'd give him is maybe he would not literally move the team to LA. He would just sell to another owner who would.


George Shinn was a local boy as well. Raised and educatated right here in the Carolinas. That certainly did not stop him from taking the Hornets to NO.


Don't bet on it! Richardsons legacy is his grandchildren and their future...don't think for a moment he and the other owners wouldn't sell out!

long champ

That's terrific, I never taken into consideration Nostradamus inside the OR


The Panthers own BoA stadium. I don't think they can move the stadium to LA; so either that keep an abandoned stadium on their books, or they stay in charlotte. Even without Jerry's local connections, it's clear they are not going anywhere.


The Panthers own BoA stadium. I don't think they can move the stadium to LA; so either that keep an abandoned stadium on their books, or they stay in charlotte. Even without Jerry's local connections, it's clear they are not going anywhere.


Tom doesn't know what he doesn't know... Maybe an interview that isn't a "few years" old is in order...

Brenda Leigh

We waited along time to get a team. I am very proud of our team. We will make a come back, lets have faith. I predict a WIN on Sunday, you make think I'm crazy but I'm going with the big cats. I'll take Cam any day over Manning. GO PANTHERS

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