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@OMABAin'12 - or what ever your real name is, your comment about the Panthers only having (2) winning seasons, just gave your IQ and age away.. Panthers have had (3) playoff runs, and 8-8 season and a 7-9 season (that could have been a playoff season if they had won the last game and gone 8-8)... let's count how many winning seasons, KC, Buffalo, Dallas (last Playoff season with a win was 1995 aprox).. Panthers have had more playoff wins since 1995 then Dallas "America's team"..


@Amos - San Diego is playing in a stadium built in 1960 aprox, fans have turned down new stadium requests, even when the Chargers were winning. Jax, can't sell 50,000 seats in a stadium that holds 65,000 seats, so they have to throw tarps over the empty seats to make the stadium look full on game day. They have been on the blackout status list on local TV since 2000. St Louis Rams, are losing more money then they are making from the NFL TV rights, stadium is falling apart, fans are not supporting the team. Buffalo hasn't had back to back winning seasons since their 4 superbowl seasons, which was close to 20 years ago.. So there are plenty of teams that will move to Calif with all those losing teams there (being sarcastic)..


Panthers leaving no way they can't that old man can't even travel that far he would be dead by then

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