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big gulps

the only thing dumber than homecoming at a pro game was the time the miami dolphins honored tebow and florida for their nation titles at a home dolphins game.


Since the Panthers television area was formerly Redskins television area, it seems like this game was a good opportunity to see some of my old heroes. But, Wait! They didn't televise the thing. In case you didn't hear DeAngelo, he didn't mince words. R rated, not X rated.


Dude, you need a girlfriend.


Wait, did I just read that right? Did someone just theorize a conspiracy by the NFL to fix a game in order to keep a team owner happy? HAHA! That's hilarious. I can't wait to see what that guy writes next. I'm guessing something about Hurricane Sandy being manufactured by the government in order to trick us into a war with Jamaica.

Go Black Cats! Glad D-Will had a great game and the team looked good in a much needed win. Keep the momentum rolling into next week!


Wow, had a hard time reading the seemingly alcohol induced rant by the guy with the conspiracy.

To think that he actually believes Richardson is ready to dump Newton is ridiculous...I mean, really.

Rivera on the other hand...

Man Up

I tend to agree that if you've lost five games in a row, you shouldn't need motivation from a magazine cover. That's part of being a professional.

Having said that, happy for the win. Bring on the biggest forehead on the planet. (Peyton)

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