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I really hope it is enough. The first time we have won four games in a row in 4 years. He has improved as a coach this year since he started to be aggressive to finish games. Yes he made mistakes, but he has learned. People will say these were meaningless games. Not the two division games against the saints and the falcons!


I'm neither for or against the Panthers letting Riveria stay. But if he is let go, it SHOULD NOT be replaced with another inexperienced coordinator.


Didn't John Fox used to do the same thing? Start slow and finish strong? Personally, I think it would be a mistake not to pursue Chip Kelly from Oregon.


Rivera has done enough to keep his job. Richardson just needs to focus on getting a GM who knows how to build quality depth.


Our bigger concern is finding a GM who can draft better, fix our huge salary cap mess, and find strong value free-agents.

John H

If you're gonna commit and invest in someone that has not been a head coach before (as is the case with Coach Rivera), you give them the tools and the time to learn the job. Rivera has done those things, and yes - it's taken some time to get there. Three years is not too much to give Rivera in this situation. Next year's goal should be the playoffs. If that doesn't happen in YEAR 3, THEN maybe it's time to make a change... But not now, when everything is finally coming together.


Like I said before this season - 5 quality players away from winning consistently. DT, S, CB, OL, WR. We'll get 2 starters with our 1st and 2nd picks. Possibly one with our 4th. Need to find some servicable vets for final two spots. We play the NFC West and AFC East next year. We should will 10 games.


The head coach MUST be Jerry's call. The GM and the head coach have to find a way to work together. We see in San Diego what happens when a GM brings in "his" guy. Friendship between the GM and coach doesn't work.
The Panthers are THIS close. All those close losses, losing the lead late in games. While you want a guy who is smart enough to figure all those things out before the age of 30, apparently, they aren't a dime a dozen. Rivera gets another year, then the new GM can have some input, but it's Jerry's call. Now, if Jerry is tired of being criticized for hiring the wrong guy, this would be a good way to shift the blame. But, that's taking the coward's way out. He already takes the coward's way out when dealing with the media.


yes, keep him--------he did improve from mid-season when i was ready to see him because game mismanagement---------good gm more important as of now and yes -----------it is the gm's call


The Panthers should keep Rivera. He made alot of mistakes early on but I still believe he can lead this team. This team is starting to gel. I would caution going after someone like Chip Kelly from Oregon. He's on fire as a college coach with his high tempo offensive scoring offense, but I recall years back fans calling for another high powered college offensive minded "Genius" who tanked in Washington. Not saying it'll happen again but eerily similar. This team will get it going on finishing games early. Give Rivera another season. Go Panthers!!!


All Rivera will be doing if he stays with the team is keeping the seat warm for his replacement. Look around the NFL at the firings from this week. The Bears fired a coach that went 10-6 because the coordinator inherited him last year. All that GM was doing was trying to find a reason to fire Lovie Smith. A late seasons swoon & another missed playoff opportunity is all it took to fire a guy with a 10-6 record. Rivera has done nothing since he got here. He is 13-19 as a head coach in two years and 1-12 in games decided by a TD or less. Those kinds of games are where a coach is paid to perform. All Rivera has shown is that when the chips are down he knows how to fold. Why hamstring a new GM with a lame duck coach?


Oops! Not the coordinator but the GM. This blog needs an edit button.


Rivera should stay if for no other reason than by the time they get a GM hired who is going to be available? Some college guy with no NFL experience or a retread someone else fired. Young coach, young team. Both maturing and getting better. You have to pay him anyway may as well give him one more year and see whether he really is getting it or not. The GMs they are supposedly looking at come from scouting backgrounds. Maybe we need to hold off before we let a young GM with no real hiring experience totally junk the team when he walks in the door. When Shanahan says he needed 5 years from Washington to make sure it was done right I don't think giving Rivera 3 years is so out there.


We need to make the GM make his most important decision within a week or two of accepting the job? Or we need to wait until March to hire a coach?

Neither one makes sense. Tell Rivera he's got one more year, and after that, it's the new GM's call.

Vesuvius Wilhelm

I like Ron and staff. The players never gave up on him, even when the fans and media did. Look at San Diego the last two yrs. without this staff, fired coach and Rivers washed up. A quarter of the league is looking for a head coach. Please keep the one we have.... Just Please!...Shore up the o line, Get Bowe, and draft a good corner and some depth in a few areas and Ryan can put out another ad.LOL

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