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Tim Coope

No to Shinn and the Hornets.



Man, this is getting old. I'll explain it once again...

City gets a pro sports team. All games sell out. Team is good, but never wins even a conference title. Owner says facility is obsolete & taxpayers need to pay for a new one. Citizens tell owner to go take a long walk off a short pier. Owner threatens to move. Fans respond by no longer going to games. Owner moves team to new city. League gives old city a new team, with a new name. Old team in new city changes its team name.

Who is this?

It is both the first NBA team in Charlotte and the first NFL team in Houston. Do you hear any screams from Houston for the Texans to be renamed the Oilers? No, you do not. And for the 1,000,000,000,000,000th time, THERE IS SUCH AN ANIMAL AS A BOBCAT. It is not an imaginary creature. If the first Bobcats owner was named Steve and he called the team the Stevecats, then you could say he named the team after himself. But the bobcat is a real animal, it can be found here (mainly in the mountains), and it would tear you to pieces if you crossed paths with one while you are unarmed.

Houston has moved on. Charlotte needs to do the same.

Charlotte Hornets #1

I wish he felt like that when he stole our name and took it with him to New Orleans.... Then Mayor Now Governor McCrory said he tried to get Shinn to leave the name and even checked with a lawyer to see if we had any grounds that we could win a lawsuit and keep the name...

Here's an idea if George believes so strongly, have him pay the rebranding fee for Michael...

We want our name back...

Charlotte Hornets then, now and forever!!!

Uh yes- lets name the team after me. Brilliant. The dumb fans in Charlotte will love it. Now give me your money.

Do you really think that its just a coincidence that Bob named the team Bobcats?


No really, really?

You believe that?

For real?


Seems to me that the very few BOBJOHNSONCATS fans I see are so scarce if you blink you missed them. How about bringing a name with meaning and pride in it like ummm let's say.....HORNETS. George Shinn can go buzz off in Nashville he lost so much money from the move he was forced to sell the team best he stays away from Carolina or he will see how we got that nickname in the first place. Hornets was a Carolina identity stolen from us and WE WANT IT BACK OR THE NBA CAN LEAVE.

big gulps

Did Shinn get as much public money to start his team as Johnson?

It seems that both men are not too liked, didn't give a care about CLT.

Freedom Huggins

Just bring back the name already...


Actually it is George Shinn's name. It was his team and he proved it when he took it with him. I don's want the name or anything to do with George Shinn. I will stick with our own team. Go pound salt Shinn....

big gulps

Shinn wanted Tom to wear the Hugo mascot outfit....but Tommy isn't tall enough


I will take a new name. The Hornets are forever tarnished and this proves it. Look at this chump trying to get a piece of this. Bobcats was Bob so that can go to. We need a fresh start.


All this "passion" for the name better be here when the name comes back to Charlotte. I have a feeling that if the name comes back for the first few months everyone will be hyped up then it will slowly die down and no one will really care what the name of the team in Charlotte is. I was a Charlotte Hornets fan and when they left I became a Charlotte Bobcats fan...The most important name to me is Charlotte not what comes after.


Shinn, you had the hottest NBA commodity around in the Hornets in Charlotte. Charlotte proved that it was a true NBA city. Then you blew it and in turn damaged a truly pristine franchise that had immense support. To those who prefer the name Bobcats, I bet very few of you were here when the Hornets were here. If bringing back the Hornets' name to Charlotte's franchise will put butts in the seats, sell merchandise and get people talking about the team again with excitement, then I am all for bringing the name back. I will buy tickets, merch, and concessions if I can once again come to The Hive! Love what the 'Cats have done so far but I want to see the Charlotte HORNETS!!


I was here and remember what it was like when Shinn left. I don't want anything to do with him coming back. I support basketball in Charlotte not some name. Go Bobcats!


The real problem is that the current arena seating is 50% blocked or partial view. It is a TERRIBLE place to watch a basketball game, or anything, for that matter, if you aren't sitting in the lower level, which is too expensive for a lot of us.

joe cool

tore down a great arena


This is not about living in the past. Bringing back the Hornets name would be the best thing for the present and the future of the franchise. If you really do not believe that, then you are not from around here or you are too blind to see the light.


Steal the minor league baseball name. Become the Charlotte Knights.


CharlotteHornets#1 - I see you have no logical response to my comparison, as you have resorted to talking like a 7-year-old (no grownup that I know says "Who gives a big fat turd." The comparison is fair. Both cities went through the same scenario as I outlined, so it is fair to compare how each fan base responds.

To CharlotteHornets#1, 4:11 PM, CharlotteHornets, Freedom Huggins, JD, G, and any other proponents of the Hornets name... I was here; I moved here in August '88 to attend UNCC. I went to 4 games that first year, including the Miami game - you remember, where Ronny Siekally got booed every time he touched the ball because he said he was glad Charlotte didn't pick him and he went 2-for-10 or something like that, when Tim Kempton got a rebound and took it 94 feet for a layup, earning his "Dr. K" nickname, and we bloew them out, giving them an 0-11 record at the time. I was all in with the Hornets. I voted for the 2001 referendum that would have given Time Warner Cable arena to the Hornets and none of this discussion would be needed. (Hey, how many of you "bring back the Hornets name" people voted against the referendum, or didn't vote at all?)

Now, let's assume the name does come back. Let's also assume that Kemba Walker plays his entire career here and he ends up with 10 fewer career points than Dell Curry. Now you're at Wednesday trivia night at Braswell's and the question comes up, "Who is the Hornets all-time leading scorer?" So what's the answer? Is it Curry, who scored all of his points with the Charlotte Hornets from 1988-2000, or is it Walker, who scored some of his points with the Bobcats and some with the Hornets? The answer would be Walker, as Curry is technically the New Orleans Pelicans all-time leading scorer, even though he's never played a single minute in a Pelicans uniform. You see how messy this can be?

Y'all want the Hornets name back in Charlotte? Start a petition to move the Hornets back here, as the Oakland Raiders moved to LA, but eventually moved back to Oakland. Have Jordan and Benson swap teams and send the Bobcats down to New Orleans to be the Pelicans, and the Hornets come back here.


Tom, did you call Shinn or did Shinn contact you for this story?

The guy that took the team away doesn't have the right to slither back for it's triumphant return.MJ is doing this. No thanks George Shinn. You made your own bed. Now your in TN because you pissed of your Charlotte friends. Your time to take credit is long gone. You should have been more gracious with the move. You stuck it to us and twisted the blade. No thanks

J in KP

I don't like the Bobcats, I don't go to the games, and I won't until our TEAM and OUR HEART is rightfully returned to us in the place it belongs! For all of you Charlotte "Basketball Team" fans, how about we take the Lakers from LA, then start a new franchise there called the LA Rock Stars?! Yeah, that's fine. The name Lakers carries no history and means nothing to the millions of their fans around the world (tongue firmly in cheek). I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Let's go, CHARLOTTE Hornets, now and forever! I'm sure the 25 Bobcats fans we have here will get over it.


For the record, Shinn is a scumbelly. I would love to see the Hornets back. Never have like the name Bobcats.


Just as each bit of the puzzle was brghout together, first came coach Sean Payton, then Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and the rest of this great group of players who gave of themselves off and on the field to breath life into the Town of New Orleans.


All forgiven....Since he took the name to New Orleans, I think that he can help financially in bringing the name and history back to Charlotte.

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