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Paul Brotherton

Well said, Tom.

Reggie Mantle


We live in an age of retribution. People can lose their job simply for speaking their minds.

In our own less-than-humble county a bank employee's HR department was contacted and an inquiry began after he wrote a letter critical of Harry Jones.

I can understand full well the need for anonymity and I don't require it of anyone whereby (as in this case) their point is valid whether or not they leave a name.


Yea - sign your name so the "good ole boy" network can put you out of commission financially, physically, mentally, etc...

There is a 3 person legal team at the Panthers. Don't think for a second they aren't trying to figure out how they can spin this into slander.

Clinton Tyree

"...several thousand dollar..."

If I can get a full page ad for "several thousand dollars" I might just run one bi-weekly the whole football season.

Jerry Richardson is an angry man. The people that bought that ad likely (I do not know any of them) have families that participate in going to Panther games with them -- and would like to continue to do so.

I am certain that if Jerry Richardson finds out who paid for the ad he will cancel their tickets.

I applaud the people who banded together and made this happen.


I totally agree. Get em' Tom

Clinton Tyree

I don't have access to a print version of the paper.

Will the Observer please make a full copy of the ad available on line?

INCLUDING the charts. Thanks.

David McPherson

Well said Tom. The idiots that rip teams and are afraid to sign their names just show what cowards they really are and have zero credibility.


Tim Collie


Seriously? Some moron that doesn't have access to the print version is requesting it be published on-line. Go buy one loser.


How do you fit hundreds of thousands of name at the bottom? Probably best to just not put any.

And I agree...attaching your name to that will cost you your PSL, employment, and probably get you scorned within your local community. Observer writers attach their name because they never write something this honest.

Big Daddy

I agree Tom!!! You spending that type of money on PSL's and you feel that strongly to blow more money on a front page note, then sign your name and number! Have JR personally call you!!!

Clinton Tyree

Jamie, they don't sell them in New York, a place I'm sure you've never been. Ever consider that maybe some people travel? So shut up chump.

Fan (Joe Fan to be exact)

Wait a minute. A newspaper man who works with those that make a living off of anonymous tips and sources doesn't like anonymous sources? Holy cow, now thats a contradiction if I've ever seen one. Just saying...

Todd Walker

I agree and disagree, they would have their tickets revoked for sure. Ive seen Richardsons temper in person at games as he rides around on his golf cart before games, Ive seen him stop the cart if someone shouted something at him, he steps up gets right in thei face and dares them to say it again, Ive seen them say it again and then have a Panther employee come by later and talk some more then it gets moved elsewhere and not in any rude manner mind you the person was just saying his mind as these guys in the paper did. I saw one guy yell about coaches a year ago towards end of season, and then I saw it several years ago the season after we went to Super Bowl a man complained about Pather employees getting super bowl tickets and the ones with PSLs like him get the shaft in the lottery, I didnt blame him. Ive never cared much for the way Richardson carries himself, he wont talk if they lose but he talked plenty when he wanted the team here and when things were going good, try to interview him now, not gonna happen, I dont like that. Im from here, Ill keep pulling for them and Ill keep hoping whomever takes over when he steps down is a people person. Todd Walker


My best shot at a typical Observer sports article:

"The leaves are falling and so are the Panthers...

blah, blah, blah...etc, more blahs, blah

Like the leaves, lets hope the Panthers get picked up."

Google Me

Sorry Tommy.

They paid the money to remain anonymous and should remain as such.


Tom. Well said. I am willing to give Rivera another year. I do not agree with the coalition's comment about hiring a coach with no head coaching experience. However, what concerns me is his lack of emotion and detachment from the players during the game. If he is not willing to change. Then he must go.


Importantly Tom, what do you think of the contents of the letter? Maybe you would be looking for the same anonymity if you would say anything negative about the Panthers.

George Hanson

For those of you that might want to buy a similar ad my sources at the paper (who shall remain anonymous) tell me it will cost you $11,200 to run it on a Monday.

That's more than "several thousand" dollars.

A "couple thousand" implies $2,000. "Several thousand" implies $3,000-5,000 (IMO).

This ad cost "more than $10 grand"!


Clinton. Sure. I guess you don't know anyone that can get you one. Or worse yet, you live up there and are till bashing the Panthers. Sorenson just wrote this entire story about you. Nice!! Have to go log on to the NY Times site and bash the Giants. Holy &%($...what a moron.


^^^^Ha! Now that is funny. What a chump.


Right on Tom!!!!!


Fair enough point made.

So you also take issue with all the authors who write under pen names as well, Tom?


11K for the ad? You must not be much of a negotiator. No one pays that with all the alternative forms of advertising avaiable.

big gulps

if Rivera can hide behind the shades.....the PSL's can hide behind an ad.

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