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89 Graduate

I like the point on a thousand names at the bottom of the ad. Not worth the money to put my name on it but most of the points were well versed. I instead wrote a letter directly to Richardson during the Clausen year. He did not call back but Danny Morrison did. He was respectful, understood my frustrations, and even made himself available when I toured the stadium with my family. All of the good grace in the world does not change the fact that PSL holders are frustrated with the product on the field and are getting fed up. By the looks of it, I don't see many average fans (you know the devoted one's that just can't tickets) at the games now either. All the while, the team gets richer which I fully expected when I bought the PSL's. I just would have liked a few more competitive teams along the way.

William White

This article makes a very valid point. And if you're such a "Perturbed PSL Person" what should it matter if you reveal your name and risk losing your seat?

Clinton Tyree

Jamie, there will be a copy waiting on me when I return. This is a big story, gotta see it today! Why do you care so much you little tool? When was the last time you even left the county? Ever? You better get back to work so you can afford the next turd sandwich that Jerry Richardson is undoubtedly going to serve you!

George Hanson

The Observer does not negotiate on single ad rates. Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean it's not effective, and clearly it is effective because you read it!


Would love to see some of these names. Most of these clowns probably don;t even have PSL's or a job for that matter.


No problem with the criticism. But Tom is right. Put your name on it or go away.


Okay Kevin it's libel not slander.

Next those mangy statistics which are Not charts.......anyone checked their veracity? Reporters Mark Washburn and Tom Sorensen seem to have forgotten every cub reporter's basic rules.

The Panthers franchise is actually at # 23. Check the Forbes top 50, available on line to any interested mind.

One clearly wrong fact brings everything else into dispute.

Next, the teenage immaturity of the article destroys the reader's willingness to ascribe any degree of respect to the author's intelligence.......other than to acknowledge the wisdom of omitting to sign said article.


The point is this was an effort to reach Jerry Richardson on behalf of ALL of us fans. It is better off not singling out one person as the writer. I strongly agree with the article. As a die-hard fan of the Panthers since 95', it does seem like a bad investment.

Who cares

I fully agree with the ad/letter & I disagree with Tom as far as folks not signing their names.

In todays day & age, especially on the net or anyplace 'public', it can be quite harmful in many ways if you provide personal info.

It is every persons perrogative (sp?) to voice their opinion as well as keep your privacy & with people privacy being erroded everyday it seems, it is far better to be cautious. Very Cautious.


Another FACT = The ad/letter was 99% CORRECT on most every point.

I know TONS of PSL owners & TONS that go to games who share the same opinions expressed in the ad/letter & most every one of them is quite upset that RIVERA is still here & many are voicing their displeasure by no longer supporting the panthers.

WE THE FANS ARE JERRY R's CUSTOMERS...WE WRITE HIS PAYCHECK as well, or at least a nice chunk of it & as anybody knows it is not good to ignore your customers or PO them off & nor is it wise to bite the hand that feeds you, which IS WHAT JR IS DOING.


& now there is talk that JR may keep Rivera 1 more year if we finish strong??

BIG MISTAKE...We could EASILY be a top tier team next year....that will NEVER happen with Rivera on the sideline. We have GREAT TALENT ON THE FIELD & we need to take advantage of that talent by getting TALENT ON THE SIDELINE...

Instead we are wasting the talent on the field by having a rather inept coach on the sideline. JR needs to prove he wants the BEST for the team, its fans, players & etc & he is not doing that, which could also hurt us by having players not want to play for an owner who refuses to do what is best for the team.


nosebleed fan

These guys must have been really mad about the 2008 regular season when the Panthers went 8-0 at home.


I also find it funny Tom, that you try to demean the article's writer(s). Instead of, say perhaps, writing about the article itself, and the points made there in. Thumbs down Tom.


You're right Tom, but then, I also feel the same way when reporters cite "anonymous sources" or "according to a source who must remain anonymous because they were not authorized to comment..."

If it's OK for you, then why not for others? That being said, to everyone else, how do you know they EVEN ARE PSL owners? You don't. You probably believe half the internet hoax emails you get too!

Bill Arey

Charlotte,be glad you have a franchise I would love for my town
To have an N.F.L. Team but my town is to small.So stop crying,
and let's hope for a better season next year.Remember it can
be taken away just as easily as it was given.

George Hanson

John, why would non-PSL owners go to the trouble? Think about it.


These guys who wrote this don't know the difference between being a fan and an businessman. They act like they are "owed" dividends on their investment. Look, this is pro sports not a listing on the NYSE. Don't like supporting the home team with your money? Take it and invest in something else like Walmart or the new england pats or the ny gents and stop your public whining about the home team.


As much as I respect you and your writing, this was absolute crap and you know it! This is a team that has NEVER posted back- to-back winning seasons. You want graphs, charts or talking points? How about these:

1 - Mr Richardson signed off on contracts that have us currently around $8 million OVER the projected cap for next season. The buck stops in HIS office. Yes, he fired Hurney, but he is ultimately responsible.

2 - The GM office invested nearly $100 mil over the next 5 years on our RBs ALONE!!

3 - The best record we can hope for, at this point, is 7-9...a ONE game improvement from last year's 6-10 squad that had the NFL Offensive ROY and, most likely, this year's Defensive ROY. The Saints are 6-8 and if they beat us and Dallas, they will be 8-8 and have an outside shot at making the playoffs...WITHOUT their head coach!!! Could we make the same case? No. We don't have the same talent and LEADERSHIP on this team to accomplish that. Cam? The same guy that sulks and puts a towel over his head and hardly talks to his offense? Forget it. Steve Smith? The same guy that has broken 2 of his teammates noses'?? You'd have to be kidding. Beason? The same guy that has been sidelined for the last 2 seasons? Please...who would listen?

4 - Every team has injuries they have to overcome, but the Panthers continuously allow contracts that have no "out" clauses for lack of performance (Beason, Gamble, Otah, etc). You don't deserve big money, unless you are out on the field.

5 - Why is being active in Free Agency so taboo in Charlotte?? We have never been major players. This year is the PERFECT opportunity to find a Steve Smith replacement/compliment with Bowe and Wallace being free agents, but guess what....we can't afford them because we are paying Beason, Gamble, Kalil, Stewart, etc. to be in street clothes. Good thing Cam is our leading rusher and DeAngelo is 32nd. How much are we paying DWill again?? Not his fault, but look at your coaching staff and that O-line depth....

6 - LOOK at the reputation that you have with your fan base....and, by that, I mean REALLY look at it. You RAISED ticket prices the year you blew up the franchise by cutting all the veterans and drafting Jimmy Clausen. You knew they were going to suck and you still raised the prices. That was the first year that I, personally, didn't attend a single game. Call me fare-weather if you want, but I'm not an idiot. I'm not going to see a sub-par team (oh yeah, how did we do that year again?) for a higher cost when I can watch the team lose repeatedly from my own couch for free. Don't insult me as a fan. Again, where did that decision lie? On a different note, look at the ratio of Panther fans vs Opponents fans are filling BoA Stadium week after week!!!! You can't get a devoted fan base unless you WIN!!!!! That's a sports 101 lesson for you, Tom, free of charge.

7 - Draft effectiveness. Holy crap do we stink at that. Let me say this as plainly as I can...the first round is a "gimme" that they are going to be an impact player! To say that Marty Hurney was terrible at drafting mid-draft talent is putting it lightly.

How about instead of you guys condemning the fans from speaking out, you actually do YOUR job at doing REAL analysis of how the Panthers are doing?!? Where is your upcoming draft analysis? Where is your articles breaking out our salary issues? Do you even KNOW what kind of talent is going to be in this free agent class. Oh yeah, you guys don't write about that stuff until you don't have anything else left to write about. DON'T blame the fans for speaking out about this franchise espousing a culture of losing. You want to take up for the franchise, fine. But remember, just as easy as we, the fans, can pick another team, we can also read more ESPN, CBS Sportsline, etc instead of you. I'm not worried about retribution, I'm worried about winning. Here's my name: Zach Barker. Write it down or whatever you want to do with it, but this article and those that disagree with the PSL fans taking out that ad are complete crap. The die-hard Carolina Panther fans that have been supporting the franchise since 1995 (like me) deserve a winning team. Not ONE SB appearance in 17 years.

George Hanson

ZB, LOVE your enthusiasm and your general thesis, and you were going along so great -- until that last sentence ;(

Charles, one could argue that Jerry Richardson doesn't know the difference between a business, and a winning franchise.

Maximizing the latter generally requires sacrificing some returns within the former.

Jerry has proven he unwilling to sacrifice any profits for the sake of more wins. What's funny is taking less money out of the franchise and re-investing in things like quality coaches (Cowher) would probably make him even more money in the long run!


The author(s) of this letter could have signed it and could have asked to meet with the man and I'm about 100% certain he would reach out to them. All they had to do was man up. I'm not really inclined to believe this was written by anyone other than a handful of ticked off PSL owners- not necessarily "business executives."

Jerry Sloan


Very few disagree with what the ad says. Just the cowards that wrote it. If you won't put your name on it, it is worthless. Like most of these comments.


Business executives? Highly unlikely. Not many would waste their time writing that letter our commenting on the Observer site.


So, Tom.... Did you run out of time for a meaningful opinion on the story? At least those that were anonymous had done their research and offered an opinion. As I look to one of the local sports writers for their thoughts, all you can tell me is that you dont like that they signed anonymous? Seems like the ads these days are offering more than the writers.


When I saw the link to this piece, I thought it was a link where I could sign my name. My short response to the letter: AMEN!!!!!! PSLOwner from Day 1.


not to mention, richardson hasn't been the problem at all. 5-9 with 7 of the 9 losses coming down the last play and almost all of them included ridiculous coaching gaffs.

Fans have to understand that you are paying for entertainment, not for success. And the entertainment doesn't necessarily come from the home team. I don't know when that line got blurred. You don't go to a restaurant, enjoy your meal, but complain because they aren't making money or getting good reviews. The product is determined by the quality of the league not by any one individual owner's mismanaging (or not).

Richardson has been one of the best owners in the league for a while. Stable, subtle, respected. Blaming the guy for wanting to make money in his business seems insane. It's not a non-profit (which you might want to look into and complain about those guys making boat loads).


Is it to late to kick him out of the state yet with that poor excuse for The Cleveland Browns clone team?

Brain Pressman

What a waste of money. A full page ad cost 5 digits and that could go a long way in helping a lot of folks in need this holiday season. Tom, I agree with you. Either back up your opinion by endorsing it or keep it to yourself if you want to be taken seriously. Brian Pressman

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