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Al Irwin

People, I hate to say it, but its a business; like it or not it is a business, if you do not like the product then do not support it. Don't get me wrong, it IS frustrating to watch the Panthers when they lose so much, but those of you who do have season tickets should be thankful that you have a local team. I am sure that the NFL will survive without you. Besides there is always the option of watching on TV at home.......

Phil Coe

Here's what I simply don't understand.There are a couple of teams in the NFL that win year in --year out. Personell come and go and they still win. Why in the world would any team not benchmark those winning teams and copy what there doing? Look at the Patriots--every year players come and go and they just keep winning. They may not win the super bowl every year but every year they just win regardless of the players. Even when Tom Brady was out,they still won 11 games.


whatever tom. people are tried of paying first rate prices for 3rd rate football. the psl owners that sit quietly through each dismal season hoping that the panthers get it together next year are the biggest problem. if you paid $10 for a crappy movie you wouldnt go back next week and pay to watch it again. not surprised you side with JR. im sure his reach is long enough to knock you out of your seat at the CO so its no surprise to see you pandering to the PTB


Tom Sorenson are you still even relevant in this town anymore? Let's see that smile Tommy Boy!

Don Harris

Tom, I agree with the group should own up to who they are. I sent an email after the Tampa game and put my name and number and recieved a call Monday night after the game by Danny Morrison. Not that he could tell me what they are planing which I didn't expect him too with the season still going. He let me vent and as I already knew they are working to get the team better. Right or wrong sign your name. Don Harris PSL Owner that has never missed a home game.

Shawn "Thats my name" Gibson

When there is no defense to accusation the first response is to attack the accuser. What does it matter if the person or persons who wrote the letter signed it or not. It is hard to defend much of anything that has gone on with the panthers. Mat Hurney has done little to truly help this team, much of the talent that is responsible for the limited success this team has had came from before his tenure. Personally I think both of his choices for head coach were flops. Fox took a team to Super Bowl that he and Hurney only added a couple of pieces to. I know I couldn't do the work myself and I don't have an idea of who could but that doesn't make my observations any less true.


ummmm....the reason you don't put your name on something like this is,as you should know, because you don't want the message to be confused with the messenger and you want the contents to be read. What would happen, as it often does is : "oh that's Tom. He's always..." I would imagine, if I were the people responsible, who they are isn't as important as what they have to say. Deal with the content, not with where to lay blame...


Look at how long the atlanta falcon and the new orlean saint have been in the nfl. atlanta 46 yer and have been to the playoff 17 year and won only 6, and the saint 45yr and have only been in the playoff 6 year. and you talk about the panthers 18yr 4 playoff game and made the super bowel once. i would think for a young team with fair wleather fans that is a good record.


My only things is "what if" a player or players came together to configure this article. Not really something you can put your name on if you want to think about job security. Ponder this, our team is not getting any younger and Steve Smith's days are numbered. Let's get a coach that can win now. Obviously, I am not the only individual that believes that Rivera is not the guy.

Mr. Anon. to you


Why don't you try speaking out against a paid advertiser to the CO like Belk Bowl or Dr. Pepper ACC Championship about something you don't like. Let's say the sorry attendance. You'll see how fast the system works.


It doesn't make any difference. The issues are the issues. Don't care who paid for the ad. Just glad that they did it.


It is stated very well above as in "we live the age of retribution" for having an opinion. What if he works at BOA or another corporate sponsor. Poor guy would be fired and you know it Tom. I love your work but if I ever hear you say Jerry "cares about winning" I will throw up. The problem is the media and you included suck up to Jerry and give him a pass for being a terrible owner. He is terrible, terrible. Four winning seasons in almost 20 years. He doesn't care about winning - so don't say it again. Basically what everyone at the paper has done is - shot the messenger!

Douglas pauly

Well, I'll sign MY name. I drive the better part of 700 miles round trip to make home games. I don't want to believe I'm part of an ownership that has more in common with what the AZ Cardinals and the LA Clippers (NBA) used to be all about. Those two teams had (though things might have changed with them finally) absolutely the worst ownership in team pro sports in this country, hands down. I paid in 1996 for my PSLs for a winner. It's bad enough that the no sports league dumps on their fans worse than the NFL does. Think about it, IF your team does reach the Super Bowl, it will be played in a 'neutral' location. The fans who pay the freight, the season ticket holders, have virtually no chance of attending. The league allows the same ticket scalpers to acquire the tickets each and every year, assuring that tickets priced at several hundred dollars now sell for several thousand! The old AFL and NFL both did quite well by having the championship game site determined on the field, and the present playoff system is determined by the best records. The old league systems used to have the championship game rotated each year between the conference champions. Why not get rid of the over-hyped, ridiculous Super Bowl set up as it is now and REWARD the fans to SOME degree? The represent system does, and has, sucked for a long time now. But the greed that permeates the NFL ownership won't have it. The Panthers top exec positions sure are cut off from the fans. I'm an old Baltimore Colt fan. I can't believe Jerry Richardson actually caught a TD pass from the greatest QB who ever donned p[ads, Johnny U., in a championship game. Johnny u actually appreciated the fans! Tome to man up Jerry, and either get with the program we help fund (and increase your bottom line each year), or get out and sell to someone who WANTS Super Bowl trophies! I hoped your new heart would give you some new heart!

Douglas pauly

I apologize for the spelling errors in my above post.


Carolina Panthers are a very good team and our formula is atarting to work so give RR the benefit of the doubt ...its his 2nd year. I wanted him gone also but with more consideration I c a change of leadership and a new playbook is not the best thing for our Offense.

Ron Lane

Hey I'll sign my name. All Richardson did in his last press conference two years ago was saying he was going to be committed to winning and that he would make sure of that while he had Marty Hurney at his side. He then kept flirting with Morgan Fogarty the rest of the press conference as if the PSL owners wanted to hear that. Well Hurney stayed two more years too long and Jerry is still losing. You know for an ex NFL player wouldn't you want the best people you can hire around you to win. Come on Jerry Sell the team to someone who cares, your don't.

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