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Raleigh-Durham needs MLB. Between the Mudcats and Bulls, they average about 11,000 per home game now, the Bulls 7,000 and the Mudcats, 4,000. If hockey can make it in Raleigh, MLB sure could.


@Ben -

You're logic is flawed.

As for the minor league numbers - you don't add them together to get the major league baseball potential. But even if you did - that 11k is still far from enough as you'll see in a moment.

As for NHL comparison: NHL has 41 home games while MLB has 81.

While the Hurricanes average about 16K per home game in an arena that sits about 18.5k for hockey, the smallest MLB stadium (Tropicana) has almost double that capacity at 34k and the lowest MLB season attendance in 2012 was 19,255 (Tampa).

So hopefully you can see the math doesn't add up for Raleigh-Durham's.

To be frank - the math doesn't add up for Charlotte either. And if Charlotte which is a larger market can't support MLB than neither can Raleigh-Durham.

I do think that Baseball could eventually come to North Carolina and frankly I would be in favor of either a Triangle or Triad based location - it's just that the time is not now nor in the near future.

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