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big gulps

chargers are a weak franchise.....we already hired one person from there, enough is enough. I doubt Norv would work for Rivera, haha. Prob not much respect there.


What about mularkey that just got let go by Jags or Cam Cameron, or Whisenhunt


Chud has stated he wants to call his own plays in CLE. Why would an experienced offensive mind like Norv want to accept an OC position and watch a rookie HC call plays?

Rivera should be calling Norv immediately and offering full control of the offense. I would imagine running an offense built around a QB as versatile as Cam would be intriguing to Norv. Much more so than watching Chud call plays for Brandon Weeden in Cleveland.


where did this whole notion of JR not being willing to spend money come from?

just fyi - it's stupid


better head coach than rivera.


I don't understand the criticism of Jerry's spending either. If anything it's been shown that Jerry will throw money at anything. He has never once shown to be in the least bit cheap except right before there might not have been an NFL anymore. C'mon, the guy has always thrown out the big bucks and OK'd checks. He paid for George Seifert remember? And at the time he had the best winning percentage of any coach in NFL history. I don't understand the criticism, it's like you're trying to prove that you've been a panther fan for a long time, but it just looks like you joined two years ago.

Stephen C. James

My prediction is that Turner will go to Cleveland and Shula will be promoted to OC. Either way, either Rivera or Chud will have the awkward pleasure of having their former boss work for them

Sherman Walters

I agree. Get tired of hearing Jerry referred to as cheap. With the strange exception of before the lockout, this guy has always been notorious for over-spending.

He overspent in the FA market years back and got burned (hence, the philosophy of staying away from high $ free agents). He freely spent big bucks for George Seifert and got burned. And John Fox wasn't exactly one of the poorest coaches in the league. After the lockout he way overspent on guys already on staff (hence, 16M over the cap right now).

You blowhards need to get your facts straight. There's plenty to criticize - but know what the heck you're talking about if you're going to spend the time typing your opinion!


Most of you so called fans are so DISREPECTFUL(StephenaSmith). The guy pays for his core players in free agency to big contracts. Most fans couldn't agree with. Then again if he didn't sign them, Richardson is considered a cheap scape. Everything and anything the owner does you ppl are so negative about. How about standing by your team with more support. I'm a die hard fan! Now there's things I might not agree with all the time ESP. The option runs instead of I formation and cam Not being under center as much as he should be. As much as I love Williams and Stewart one needs to go! (cap) draft the highest ranked WR, CB, LT/RT, S and same in the 2nd. Will Beason stay as well or Gamble? Hopefully Beason stays with a new contract. GO PANTHERS! This team is going places! Trust me it's been hard with the early season collapses. Gotta start fast and stay healthy

Max M

Richardson is not cheap. That is why we over so far over next years salary cap. If you think he is cheap ask Jake Delhomme, Deangeo Williams, and Charles Johnson what they think. Peppers was the highest paid guy in the league for 2 years with the Panthers. Fox and his staff were in the top 5 for salaries in the league. You could argue he doesn't spend wisely but you can't call him cheap. Anyone that does doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.


Some people look for soemthign to complain about. If they dont have something to complain about they dont feel a need to type.
If we didnt sign CJ, DWill, JStew, Kalil, Gamble, Beeson (and all the other guys that have high contracts on the team) they would call Jerry cheap. But they did sign them and they are still calling him cheap. Its more grasping for straws as they are looking for something to complain about.

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