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Is Shula the best offensive coordinator the Panthers could have hired?

Absolutely not.

Were better candidates available as recently as yesterday?



Don't underestimate Shula. He grew up around coaching, and he didn't have a Cam Newton in his previous gigs. With a young, developing QB, the most important thing is keeping a consistent system.

It's not like this team has been miles off the past two years... more like just a tweak or two. I really think fans will be surprised next year!


Yeah, Tom just a thought here, but being that we are $15m over the cap, wont Gettleman have to make a few drastic changes to the roster?

Just sayin'.


I am so disappointed in this move. But at least Rivera will be fired at end of the 2013 season. He must be a bigger fool to hire Shula than I thought was possible.Look at Shula's record. He is a stretch to be a water boy. I have missed one game in 16 years and have 4 PSL's and I predict we will win no more than 5 or 6 games next season. We fans are just screwed year after year and Richardson doesn't seem to care. What is wrong with him, what is wrong with the new GM? We know what is wrong with Rivera, Mr. Ultimate Conservative. But he deserves to be gone after this choice.


Think Shula is going to surprise! He has much better offensive personnel than what he had as OC at TB! Also TB had it going with a dominating defense and HC Tony Dungy was John Fox like in not allowing an offense to be over aggressive but mandated a conservative offense whose main goal was to not turn the ball over, allow the D to gain field position and win relatively low scoring ballgames!

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