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but the current GM is not permanent...why would he make the decision and he might not be back as GM next year


No he shouldnt have. Where is our general manager, Ross or Gentleman/men. I swear JR is running this place into the ground with his old age


Agreed the GM should have made the call. If Beane is promoted to GM that is the worst move ever! This team needs a new GM with new ideas!


It's beyond STOOPID to let a newbie GM make the call on, arguably, the most important job in the organization during his first few weeks on the job. It's Jerry's job, this time, and every time, as long as he is able.

Jim Hunter

Most any young prospective GM should be happy to inherit the Panthers' existing player personnel and up and coming head coach. There are only a few missing pieces that, when inserted in the mix, should flip a 7-9 record to a 9-7 or better and a good shot at the playoffs. Look around he league at the other teams making a coaching change and find a better deal.


You could not be more wrong Tom. The team already has money invested in Rivera and they have a chance to make the playoffs next year. I guarantee you that Jerry told him it's playoffs or the door next year anyway. So why not just tell the new G.M. that you want him to work one year with the people already in place and evaluate them on the job? Then he would have the green light to do as he sees fit. This has been done in many other situations before. It's not fair to Rivera to make him twist in the wind in case he needed to find other employment. It doesn't force the team rush a G.M. search. And it forces the new guy to actually evaluate people honestly instead of just cleaning house right off the bat to stroke his ego. We would've been sacrificing next year right off the bat otherwise. This gives the best chance to do things the proper way and possibly get a playoff trip next year in the process. If a new G.M. can't understand that,then i wouldn't want him here!


Jason, I like your comments EXCEPT the part about "the team already has money invested in him". That has been Jerry Richardson's downfall. He's has to spend money to make money. We all now see that he should have never let John Fox go. He left him out to dry by not spending any money in his last year.


Jason you are on point with your views. You should write for the Observer.


I completely disagree about John Fox. He has Del Rio,who has proven he can put an awesome D together,and Payton Manning calling the plays on the field. Mike Mcoy is a joke of an offensive coordinator. Fox's job with that personnel is basically to stay out of the way. He already lost the locker room here and never would've seen close to the same success with our roster. It was time for him to go! And Jerry always spends money. He only didn't one time. And that was when we were cutting all of our veterans and staring at a lockout. And it got us Cam. I don't know where this false perception of him comes from. My family knows him personally and i can promise you he is nowhere close to being cheap.


Sorry for the double post. And thanks champ! I don't think Sorenson or Bonnell know their richard from a door knob! lol.


If they would've gotten a GM first and fired Rivera, they wouldn't have the luxury of going after the better head coach candidates because they would all be gone.


Thank you Jeremy. If common sense was common, everyone would have it! lol.


With Jerry it's a money decision. The fact that they improved Post Hurney made it easy to make the contract swing it in Ron's favor. Good for him he's got to take a jump now. Plus Ron's making more then Jerry wants to pay a GM I bet, so no not new guy's call walking in the door.

Just look at the gameday experience and try to tell me he isn't tight fisted.

Harold Watson

Great decision


...and the media pot stirs on. Can't wait to hear all the stirring Monday on local sports talk radio. Glad to have you back, Coach Rivera! GO PANTHERS!


So let's move on to the draft and decide which of these 3 players to pick in the first round. Jonathan Banks CB Mississippi State, Demarcus Milliner CB Alabama, Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio State. Or we can trade down for John Jenkins DT Georgia, and a third round pick.

Richard Ferrell

Good decision made by the man signing the pay checks. The Panthers are the property of JR, and he did the right thing, at the right time. No need to leave a good man hanging on while searching for a new GM.


He deserved one more year! Playoffs or he is gone


agree with the post stating give Riveria a third year and not let new GM make decisions, but hey, let's get a GM quickly and yes out of organization ... we need GM to start working on draft (like maybe some new Scouting department personnel? It wasn't just Hurney that brought us Otah, Brown, etc) and of course Salary Cap situation ... get Beason restructured or cut .. see if Gamble will restructure if not cut ... get Gross to restructure but keep ... get Edwards DT to restructure or cut .. get Andersen to restructure (although if I were he I'd keep my money) .. Don't think there is any moeny to save with Steve Smith, wouldn't mess with him, he has two good year or more left if he wants them (possible HOF push? another super bowl would really help his cause), get the RB situation sorted, ask them all to take a pay cut. Stewart hasn't been fully healthy except one year since OR days ... Williams ran good late but making too much, and Tolbert, yes making too much (I mean lets get a GM that doesn't pay good players like great ones or pay vets - like Hurney did with Delhomme for instance - when no one else would sign them - granted Johnson sigining was a we jsut lost Peppers panic, but even he is making too much compared to other DE's around the league, great year Big Money but really we need you to be jsut a lot of money not best DE in the league money) ok wish i was in Charltote watching the panthers today but hey, i got 7 hours of football ahead so seeya!

Dan Kent

I like the decision. Ron is growing into the job well. The defense continues to improve and offense is improving also. If we can pull off a strong draft and sign a free agent or two in the off season, I think a 10 win season is in the cards. Congrats Ron!

Richard Ellis

Can't let him go. I heard the ink has barely dried on his new Cam Newton tattoo. Great things to come!


same results the past 2 years only one win more. Start off slow and playing without leadership. Then win a few games when it don't matter. I think this is a bad move, if Rivera starts out 1 -5 again next season I hope he is fired sooner than later.


I see nothing wrong with J.R. making that decision. He and Ron Rivera have been commucating weekly and the "trend upward" was a success. No need to let it drag on...we know who the coach will be...the players who remain know.....and I see no need for a GM (who is not even in place yet) to drag it on further. It was a good move on J.R's part.


The timing of Hurney's firing made choosing a new GM difficult given that most of the choices that JR had to choose from were let go because they had had a horrible last year or so--so why do we want a loser to replace Hurney. We need someone with knowledge of putting together trades/swaps to get us an impact player or two in addition to the upcoming draft. If the big boys who,finish in the top 5-10 can find good talent, the Panthers can too with the right GM.

Your Daddy

Cry cry cry cry, that's all you people do. Rivera is a good coach and you'll prove it next year to show all of you up

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