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No ownership, none, could be worse than the total failure of the Big Rat and company. They are the worst pro team in sports!

big gulps

way to take jabs at bruton and nascar fans. sure they are rednecks, and proud of it, but why the need to run them down?

Just Bill

Bruton Smith? Sorry, not feeling it, but if Big Cat got Humpy Wheeler to consult on promotions? Now that would be interesting.


Tom you are such an elitist. I normally enjoy reading what you write but this was just trash. No I don't follow NASCAR but I also don't trash people just for the sport of it - except maybe you!

Smith would ask the city for money - don't let him lie about it. The reason - he won't actually own the stadium (like he does the race track) since the city owns it. This is why we are paying part of the bill to upgrade it. I think Jerry should just sell the team to the PSL owners...

James Dwyer

Now, now...Tom didn't say anything that wasn't true! He wasn't "running down" anyone. Nascar is great but it is what it is...lol.


Boss Hog is a lying, self promoting, blow hard.

And on top of that he'll be dead soon.

This is a total non story.

joe cool

sell the team to the fans! sell stock to raise the funds! real stock not that fake Packer stock!


the city does not own the stadium jr does he just want some money from them

Another Bill

It's about time that selling to the fans get some serious looks. I know the there is an NFL rule or something that says only Green Bay can be owned by the fans--but we are a logical city to undertake that type of deal. People here have overcome bigger obstacles than the NFL fathers. Suspect that JR might think favorably on that. Some of you writers and or radio personalities could get the process going.

marc james

Anyone who believes anything that fat pompous toad Smith says deserves what they get. He just shook down the city not long ago.

Now come listen to my show in the afternoons as I will crap on anything else associated with this town.


Selling the team to the fans would not be good. i.e. if one of the "fans" happens to be Bruton Smith or some other majority stake controlling A-Hole! If anything, sell it to the city.

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