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Dan D

Excellent idea Tom. You forgot to add that the concession stands should eliminate beer and nachos, and serve strawberries with cream. As a spokesperson for this city , how can you possibly suggest in good conscience that Charlotte would not be a good choice to host a Super Bowl. Some opinions are best left to yourself.


How did the last RAINY Super Bowl in Miami work out? The Super Bowl needs a roof. It's a potential disaster in New Jersey next year.


I love the idea of a NY/coldweather SB. I'm sick of seeing teams that are very capable of playing in the cold get confined to a dome to appease the fans and the dome-QBs like Drew Brees. IMO, a team is only as good as their improv skills, and if they can't improv on a little rain, or snow, then they don't deserve the Lombardi.

And to answer the SB41 rain question, I loved it. It really didn't effect the game that much and it was a nice difference.

I have no problem with the game being played in domes with detractable roofs, but if at all possible, it should be open.

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