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I agree...he may end up being really upset that he did not take the 3 yr deal, for 1.7 per (roughly). He may end up having to "settle" for a 1-year, $2 deal with no security in the event of an injury. I hope the best for him, but he may have overplayed his hand.

big gulps

he should've taken that deal, what a moron.

millions to play a game and you are below average......come on


hard to be mad at the team if they did offer him 3 years and 5 million. that's solid pay for a nickel back. can't imagine another team paying him more.

In the world of non-guaranteed contracts, it's not inconceivable that he doesn't get what he wants, comes back to the panthers at the last minute (training camp or right before) and we waive one of these guys we just signed. I don't know the specs on their contracts, but they can't possibly be with big signing bonuses and large guarantees.


I cant believe he turned the money down. Sweet.


Not so much. The DB market is flooded. Captain found that out. He has accepted a 1 year deal with 500k guaranteed and the most he can make is a million according to league sources. I'd call that a win for the Panthers. He knows the system and now we have some depth. If Captain has a big year he can test the waters again next year. But to me this is more digging out of the hole Hurney left. I think Gettleman has made the right moves so far. Get ready to rent a couple of D lineman for a year since that market is flooded as well.


Seems Captain's sticking around after all.

Krl Hellenthal

Another miss by this boob Sorenson. I think it's time he was cut - I'm pretty sick of reading his meaningless and almost always wrong blathering.

Toni Tennille

If the Panthers had a nickel for every time...oh, they do.

Is it that Captain said "Love will keep us together?"

Maybe Captain must was feeling a little lack "Muskrat Love," to take such a paltry sum?

Well, his momma did tell him to "Shop Around," so you can't fault Captain.

Captain, after next year, you'll probably be saying "I'm On My Way" once again...but we'll see.


Good call as usual sorensen.

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