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big gulps

NBA stinks.....but nice try.


Actually ESPN did a Poll at the beginning of the year and the NBA was more popular then College. NBA is on the rise again thanks to Lebron.


Fun Bobcats game. Was great to get home and catch the end of Heat game. It was a pretty good Monday.


As great as college basketball is for three weeks, including the conference tourney, the quality of play in the NBA is absurdly better. Don't even tell me they don't play defense, or can't shoot, because if you want it then you know that's not true. I love both brands of basketball also, and take off work for the NCAA Tourney.


Ditto for me Tim. Also went to the game and had a great time. Walked to Epicentre to catch the end of the Heat/Celtics game. Good Monday indeed.


That Bobcats game was a blast, the block Hendo had was insane live!


I'm an NBA fan, but they have to work on their officiating. It's almost not fun to watch when the stars get every call. Don't get me started on continuation... you get fouled at the three point line and continue for a layup +1. And then there's traveling...

Big Bad John

Today's college basketball stinks compared to college basketball in the '70s, '80s, and early '90s. NBA is by far better. The good college players are gone to the NBA after 1 year. High school games are more fun to watch than NCAA basketball. I'd rather watch any 'CATS game than the god awful NCAA tournament. College basketball has lost it's way.

Bobcat Bucks

Anybody who doesn't like the NBA is an idiot.


Great Great game. Don't care if they win if they play that style of basketball. It was like Nuggets game. Lots of fast break action. Really enjoyed it.

chris in union county

Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets) 2018-19 NBA Champs !!!


I don't care if it's Junior high girls, (no offense intended...) basketball is fun to watch anytime, anywhere. Though I've said for years the 3 weeks in March are some of the best sports viewing of the year...

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