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You should've said NCAA basketball. Doc Rivers basically slapped the city of Charlotte in the face the other day with sitting Garnett and Pierce.


and he lost by 26 which is a huge number, ot 5-10-15 but 26, the Celtics are in the hunt they were not throwing the game....


If Washington and Dallas are not throwing around money then its not a good FA this year.. Those guys are the first to over pay..

Charlotte Hornets

To Panthersguy: Doc should have known better. The Celtics are fighting for playoff position and to sit Pierce against the Bobcats is a bad coaching move (Garnett played until the game was out of reach). While not good, the Bobcats can compete on a given night and actually beat the Celts earlier in the season with Pierce in the lineup. A smart move would be to try to grab an easy win and then sit the those guys in the second half... or to rest them when their playoff spot has been solidified. After all, a win against the Bobcats counts the same as a win against the Heat or Thunder.


Unlike Pittsburgh or Green Bay, the Panthers have only 4 winning seasons out of 18. HUGE difference.


Did you really just compare us to two class act teams like G.B. and Pitt? Laughable! The Panthers are one of the laughing stocks of pro sports. As the poster above stated, they have four winning seasons in their history. The fewest in the NFL over that span. The worst, by far.

Replying to Tag

Wrong, Tag. Talk about speaking from one's arse. They're not even close to the worst. The Bucs had only 3 winning seasons in their first 21 years, one of which was the strike year in 83.

There's more! The Bucs winning percentage during that time was .297. In the Panthers history, their winning percentage is .458. While it's not stellar, the Panthers have a huge edge overall.

Add in that Carolina has been to the playoffs 4 times in their first 18 years and have won 6 of 10 games while Tampa went three times (once in the strike year with a 5-4 record) and lost 3 or 4 games played, your case is full of hot air.


Thats okay, my guess is the Buc's new home will be London soon enough.

Bill James does Altar Boys

Hey Tommy Sore-n-spots,
You protecting somebody? You want the numbers on Drayton Florence, as compared to Chris Gamble in 2011, since Gamble was injured last season?

3 INT's,50 Tackles,1 Forced Fumble, 1 TD
3 INT's,43 Tackles,0 Forced Fumbles, 0 TD's

Gamble wasn't worth it in 2011, not in 2012, and he wasn't going to be worth it in 2013.

Drayton Florence is an equal replacement for Chris Gamble, and the numbers speak volumes. I'm so tired of you redneck homers, spouting off about just how great Gamble is, or just how great Armanti is.

(copied and saved to Word, in case Tommy decides to get cute again...your Momma!)

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