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Finally somebody in the media has called out the 49ers for their schedule. As an alum I am completely embarrassed by it. Fans aren't going to support the program until it starts winning and I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.


GO NINERS! Dont worry about the critics just keep on winning!

Die Hard 9er

Hmmm...go look at Davidson's (the Observer's favorite behind the Heels) schedule strength. Niners beat Davidson on their home court and beat a top 10 on the road. Our SS is 111. Davidson 205. Put mid major "darlings" through an A10 schedule and they would get killed.


Couldnt Agree more Die Hard 9er. We consistently mop the floor with Davidson, and then they spend the second half of the season beating up on Holy Mattress of the Springs and they are suddenly Top Tier. They havent been anything since Steph (and his big year Leemire played bigger than he did when we BEAT them, yet again) O-ver-rated.

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