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I am not holding my breath. Let me go ahead and tell you what Jerry will say. "We are going to continue to build from within, and through drafts. This fits into our ten year......er, I mean twenty year plan."

P.T. Barnum was correct, and Jerry is loving the gullible fools around here. Keep lining the pockets of this leach to society. He and people like him are the reason the world is in such a mess.


What a terrible post. How could you write about Free Agency and not mention that the Panthers are currently millions over the Cap, and would need to make drastic roster moves to sign him? No analysis whatsoever.

Panther Joe

Speaking of terrible posts Gene, the Panthers are 4 million UNDER the salary cap so far... not millions over. Do some research before blasting the writers and if you don't like the article's visit a different website.

We all know that the Panthers won't sign any big name free agents. They never do and why should they? As soon as these big names collect their paychecks they stop playing.


I think whomever we end up signing will be signed for only a 1 or MAYBE 2 year contract... a lot of what Gettlemen has said suggests he's not interested in loading up with future contracts. We'll probably wait and see if a veteran or two falls through the cracks on the initial 72 hours or so and try to bite on a servicable player for a 1-year deal. That's how I see it shaking out.

There is lots of FA talent out there and not a ton of cap room across the league... there should be some good players available for cheaper than expected.


No team in the league has less talent at corner and receiver.


Jacksonville has less talent at WR & CB.

Da nny

Hopefully we can draft Deandrea Hopkins. That would take care of WR.


How about bringing back Dan Conners. He was a solid yet not flashy linebacker.

Skynyrd Rules

Congratulations to the person who said Jacksonville's WR corps is BETTER than Carolina's... now Tom Sorenson's column isn't the dumbest thing I read on this page.


Four million bucks is not a lot of money. Again, Panthers behind the curve at CB and WR. And they are in dire need of a DL or two. Panthers cannot reliably stop a good QB throwing to a TE and/or deep receiver. Hard to make the playoffs with that kind of weakness. As they say, pass to get ahead, run to stay ahead.

Skynyrd Rules

Ok, so you didn't get the joke that I'm knocking Jacksonville and used the name "Skynyrd Rules." 2nd down.

You didn't bother to include TEs, but when Marcedes Lewis is your TE I wouldn't remember him either. Greg Olson had 860 yards last year. Let's just say Lewis didn't. 3rd down.

Steve Smith had 200 more receiving yards last year than any other Jaguar, 300 more than Blackmon. Nobody in the league will agree that Blackmon is a better receiver in 2012 or 2013 than Smith. 4th down.

Just punt it dude. Remember, it's not a bad play according to John Fox.


By the way, please go home and take your considerable Yankee attitude with you.

Rednecks are imbeciles!


You lost the war once...do you need to be reminded again why? dumb redneck!

@ Mark:

Please finish your GED and pass US History. This is the United States of America; I am home, you dumb redneck!


Still you are clueless. Go smoke another doobie, listen to your country music, and bounce around in your F-150.

Justin Blackmon (age 23) 6'1", 4.4 speed
Steve Smith (age 33)...
Gettleman would make that trade any day. Take old man Smitty and send him out to pasture for a thoroughbred that can catch and be a target for Cam for the next 10 years. Advantage: Jags

Cecil Shorts vs. Brandon LaFell
Shorts: 55 receptions, 979 yards
LaFell: 44 receptions, 676 yards
Advantage: Jags

Tight Ends:
Marcedes Lewis vs Greg Olsen
Lewis...started in Jan 2011 Pro Bowl.
52 Rec, 540 yards, 4 TD's
Olsen...NO Pro Bowls, EVER!
69 Rec, 843 yards, 5 TD's

Given that Lewis has NO QB, this is a push.
put Olsen is Jacksonville's Offense, and he would not do anything at all

Advantage = Even

You jokers lose.

As for you, Tommy...your Momma!

Bill James does Altar Boys

@ Everyone take a deep breath

you tell people to shut up or you're going to beat them up? Oh, tough internet guy. Is that how you threaten children to make them do kiddie porn for you, too?

Hey no dick, any time you wish to meet, I'll be with my Yankee buddies at a Yankee sports bar. We'll be glad to give you a history lesson.

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