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NASCAR hasn't learned anything. The empty stands are not just due to the economy. Its crap like this that turns fans off. In fact, let's turn the TV off .


He could have waited a few more races before opening up about this. It's obvious there's still some work to be done, give them a little time to do it. If you listen to these drivers, all of them would win every race except for problems with the cars or pit crews.


I think this just shows the lack of integrity of the Nascar brass as they try to sell us crap as a pot of gold. Just because Denny doesn't say it doesn't make the horrible racing go away. I go to 4-5 Cup and accompanying races a year, use to go to many more before they moved out west. Always bought an extra ticket just for the space, don't worry about that anymore because of all the empty seats. No wonder Nascar isn't going to announce attendance numbers this year, that would mean they would have to tell the truth.

Cliff Bishop

The France boy cannot seem to get enough nails in NASCARS coffin, stand your ground Denny so far the car is crap like the rest


Geez, you and Scott Fowler actually agree on something? Has Hell frozen over?


Talk about a PR disaster for NASCAR. The Denny Hamilin fine had a lot of people talking and none of the conversation I heard was good for NASCAR. The Gen 6 car might end up being better later but right now it is not any different from the previous car. Who ever gets out front is gone. I used to make it a priority to watch each race and attend a few. Now I have even taken the races out of my DVR's so they don't record. Brian France and company have hit this former diehard fan right in the heart and the remote.


NASCAR has stepped over the line this time. I keep my TV on after the race for the driver interviews. I want to hear their thoughts, their reactions, their opinions, their emotions... not what Brian France or Robin Pemberton want them to say. All they do is thank their and sponsors. I'm very disappointed in Jeff Gordon for his wimpy statement. Jeff Burton got it right. The drivers need to stand behind Denny. If he doesn't race, no one does! Then what will NASCAR do??

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