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Changing coaches every season is not good for business, Mike. You are going to start getting a bad reputation as an owner if you keep doing this.

big gulps

Going to get a bad reputation as an owner?!?!?!?! hahaha, good one. Jordan has had that rep for years....he's the worst owner possibly ever in sports


This was a dumb move. Why waste so many weeks on the "exhaustive" search for a new coach, to turn around and fire him a year later? This is a horrible move unless they have another coach lined up.


Bring on Phil Jackson!


Not a dumb move. Sure it's frustrating that Dunlap only got one year, but he was coaching professionals like they are in college. It's a plan that wouldn't work for the long term.

I trust Rich & Rod to make the right choice.

jimmy pickles

armanti edwards for head coach!

larry tant

Two good guys right under your nose MJ Dell Curry or Muggsy Bogues

Robert Stevenson

We continue to hear the same story every year. The Bobcats have had more coaches than allstar players.

Big Daddy

Well the cant win or maintain a coach, among other issues within this organization, makes for some entertaining news about this team from time to time........LOL


I never did understand why you give a rookie coach a rookie team. That's like the blind leading the blind.


If they COULD bring Phil Jackson on board in some capacity, he would provide much-needed professionalism and positive direction. More likely as President (Higgins) or GM (Cho) rather than coach at this stage of his career, particularly in light of the franchise's developmental struggles.

Maybe I'm dreaming, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility unless he says definitively that he is not interested.

Bobcat Fan

Brian Shaw or Byron Scott!


Stephanie Ready is my pick!



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