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big gulps

daring picks equal bad drafts.

I see the G-Man making more solid picks than what we are accustomed too.


I agree Tom


I would love nothing more. Being a wv fan I've seen what a weapon he is...but I think he's going to be gone or fettle man will ultimately feel we have more positions we need more, like dl and ol


Putting up points hasnt been much of a problem plus Gettis should be back to full go. Take a big hog molly or CB.

big gulps

Has anyone seen Gettleman's wife? The dude keeps talking about how he loves big hog mollies, I'll admit it, I am kinda curious.


Over the years Tom Sorenstam has continued to show his ignorance and lack of football knowledge. Can we not find a move critic position for this idiot. I absolutely hate Tom Sorenstam! Hate, you heard me correctly! This guy is a complete loser. Go hang out with your drunk friend Rick Flare (sic),


Last year Joe Adams was the savior at WR and returner. How did that work out? We don't need saving at WR, we are fine. Wait til next year and get the WR from Clemson if he is available. You win in this league in the trenches. Take the D Lineman!


With Ted Ginn on board, Tavon is stricken from the list of potential draftees. Tavon is Ginn Jr all over again.


If Tavon is on the board when we pick, he will be the pick. That's what bpa is. 1st pick replaces someone already on team. Gettlemen already said he's not drafting for need. He will get need players after the draft.


Tom, we have dependable WRs. Yes we need Smith's replacement, but not as bad as we need defensive help. You have to go with priorities before luxuries.


I agree that adding a wr would amp up an already good offense, however, I prefer Patterson over Austin. Patterson is a big body 6'2" 215lb with speed and big play ability.

The Panthers need a big wr. There is a reason why Cam dashes for the endzone once they get close to the goal line - he doesn't have a big target wr to pass to on a fade route for an easy score.

Plus - move Steve Smith to the slot. Use him like Welker with a dozen underneath targets.

big bad john

Big mollie gulps, Eveyone says you "look like the part of the polaroid film that you tear off" (from the great Red Foxx's Sanford and Son)....you know toilet tissue that has been used. Keep your mouth shut about coach's wife and try to show some class. I trust Gettleman to make a great choice.

big gulps

what is polaroid?

I do trust that G-Man will make a good pick.


for everyone who thinks our defense is awful.. you must have forgotten that we finished the year with a top 10 defense. don't get me wrong, we could certainly use help at DT, CB, and OL.. but then again will getting a good DT put points on the board to contend with ATL, N.O.?? Not at all..every team in our division has a stable of WRs and offensive playmakers.. we do have smitty, and lafell will be better this year as every year he has improved, but other than those 2 and olsen who do we have?? We have to be able to put a lot of points on the board in order to win in our division.. we can find DT and CB in later rounds or FA, but if Austin and/or Patterson is on the board..you gotta take em


Free advice, especially from Tom, is worth just what you pay for it - NOTHING.

The only way we take another WR at 14 is if it was the second coming of Calvin "Megatron" Johnson. And there is nobody like that in this year's draft.


No, no, no! Huge mistake. Dude might be fast and explosive, but how's he going to get off the line? He'll get jammed all day all night. Please do not waste a 1st round pick on him!


I we'll look back in 5 years and say, "Tavon Austin was the best player in the 2013 draft." People on the internet are scared by his size and haven't watched him in-game. Every game he does multiple things that make your jaw drop. Nobody else in CFB did that last year. There are guys that make the plays their teams put them in position to, and their are guys that make the plays that nobody else can. Tavon Austin is the latter. Please, Carolina. Please.


Let's see, Steve Smith is said to currently have a vertical leap of 43", and was 38" in his combine workout... Austin's combine VL was a paultry 32". Speed and college highlights can be very misleading.

He won't stand out in the NFL like he was able to at WVU.

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