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Interesting. Since the Panthers are now contract to contract with their commitment to the city, how long should my fandom be up for bids for? Should I ever give up my hometown Steelers and my wife her hometown Giants to care about the free agent Panthers, who happen to only be giving short time commitments to the city city we now call "home"?

Since it takes 2 or 3 years to actually move, they can start planning in 4 for LA, or London, or whatever leverage is available then. That's not a very long shelf-life to make me want to invest my interest.

big gulps

i agree, the money invested in the panthers, although a tremendous waste....is still a lot better than Foxx's light rail idea.


Hey Fred, what? Keep the Steelers, Giants and Panthers; give up the wife. Give her a break.


Held hostage by a millionaire... wth have sports come to. We're expected to remain loyal fans no mater what (terrible teams, poor management, etc.) then our loyalty is repaid with veiled threats of the team leaving if the city/state doesn't pony up for renovations? Sickening.


As long as Jerry is alive, the Panthers aren't going anywhere. Now if he croaks, on the other hand, it might be iffy...


There are at least 4 other teams that are WAY more likely to move than the panthers. I don't understand why this is such a constant source of nonsense.

The Jags cover 15% of their stadium. The bucks haven't sold out since 2003 (or so it seems). The raiders always go to LA. Plus LA can't even agree about renovating the their ancient stadium.

Enjoy your football team. If you want to be like cock roaches in prison pull for the Steelers like everyone else.


Amazing $87m would only guarantee 6 more years with a likelihood of four more. Its found money, imo. Quit investing in stadium sized HD flat screens that most fans do not care about anyway and get back to selling an actual football game..hard hitting football that gets played outside in the elements.


I'm with TJ above...As long as JR is alive, the team is here. Now that his sons aren't involved, I fear the team is gone when he passes away, unless LA gets a team(s) beforehand. Also, I don't have any issues with the money. The Panthers are by far the city's biggest economic drawing card. (The speedway is not in Charlotte).


the panthers bring so much money to charlotte is absurd. USC did a study that stated almost $600 million is brought to the economy by the panthers every year. and the people of charlotte are complaining that they don't want to give money to JR. EVERY other team in the league has contributed to their stadium through public money.. and the panthers aren't even asking for that much in the grand scheme of things. I am born and raised in charlotte and a die hard panthers fan..but it certainly drives me crazy when city officials and other give the team such a hard time in getting something that truthfully, they deserve. Don't give em the money, and watch them walk out of the door just like the Charlotte Hornets did.. then find something to do with that big ass stadium in the middle of uptown and while you're at it wipe out the $600 million they bring to the city every year.. then a year or two later do even more complaining about how the city was held hostage by the team.. open your eyes charlotte, give them the money and keep them here. It is truly amazing that anytime something like this comes up with our teams, eveyone is quick to shoot them down and call them the bad guy.

Draft Tavon Austin, bring the Hornets back.. and then charlotte might be heading in the right direction as a sports city

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