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I can't even go on facebook or watch ESPN without stories like these. It's like a bad nightmare that I can't wake up from.


Jason will have to make an NBA team based on his skill set, not his sexuality. But like every basketball coach will tell you: You can't teach size. If he can still move well, he's got a shot at another contract.

And if he gets one, that team will have time to prepare both their fan base and their locker room. I wouldn't expect any problems at all.


jason collins vs. brendan haywood is a legit argument to have. before monday or after monday.

Now if 2 nba players were in an openly gay relationship heads would really explode.


I don't follow the NBA at all so I don't know what Collins' prospects for a new contract were, but I was intrigued when Tony Kornheiser remarked tonight that David Stern will insure that Collins is playing in the NBA next season. It makes me wonder if there is any possibility that he came out to insure that teams would have to be receptive to signing him or risk being labeled as homophobic?


I cant wait till all the GAY guys are on the same team and vs the normal STRAIGHT guys!!!

big gulps

I am tired of all the sports media talking about non-sports stuff. 90% of it is court cases, investigations, divorces, celebrity relationships with athletes, and other dramatic non-sports reporting.

I just want to see games, highlights, and actual sports reporting when I click on sports in the observer or turn on ESPN.

MP ASU 2003

It took alot of courage for me to come out of the closet. I think of Jason as a roll model.
I love Cam!


This season, Jason Collins played in just 38 games, about 10 minutes per game, averaging 1.1 ppg and 1.6 rpg. He never counted as a good NBA center. Now, he's 34 years old, and clearly in decline in the last few seasons.

At his age and performance level, it's unlikely he would've gotten a contract for next season, if he hadn't come out as gay. Now, he can be sure that either the Wizards or another team will sign him up.
Kornheiser is right, David Stern won't allow Jason Collins to be one of the many players dropping out of this league, not this year - or else, you'll see the storm of politically correct attacks on the NBA, and on the Wizards especially.

Having said that, I don't believe Collins' statement was his way to make sure he gets a new contract - but, this will be the result. Still, I trust his reasons for coming out were those he himself stated.


No talent unless you want his 6 fouls!

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