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big gulps

no reason we shouldn't be as good as golden state.....they don't have MJ weighing them down though.


I'm blown away that they fire the guy who improved AND got younger year 1 without giving him a shot at year 2. I think he WAS the long term solution.

The complaints related to overbearing, long practices, and sitting veterans for long stretches of games? THATS EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS HIRED TO DO TO TURN AROUND A 7-59 FRANCHISE.

I don't get it. The only thing I can come up with is if Cho and co. put out feelers on some available guys who weren't available last year who they preferred then and prefer now and got the answers they wanted. That's the only thing I can come up with.

But dunlap deserved a 2nd year at LEAST.

winning % year before dunlap: .106
winning % year 1 under dunlap: .256

improvement while getting younger and STILL getting us a top 5 pick and finishing the season strong was EXACTLY what he was hired to do. Absolutely puzzling move in my mind to fire him unless another hire is already lined up. I'm hoping that hire is either lawrence frank or byron scott and not avery johnson.

avery johnson would be the worst possible hire for this team right now. stan van gundy wouldn't take the job (I don't think, although he should).

but seriously....this team needed less practice time? who was tired? most of the guys were complaining about lack of minutes. kemba led the team with 34.9 mpg, there was PLENTY of room for long practices with this group.

these are the kind of moves that habitually put all bobcats fans in a panic this time of year EVERY YEAR. cho just earned trust with the past year of doing the right thing and part of that was hiring dunlap. They better not be un-doing all of the good right now with a bad hire.

big gulps

he was fired too quickly....rod and cho should be fired before a coach is after 1 yr.


I agree - but we don't know all the details. The Cats can resign a budding start in Henderson and a solid contributer on every level in McRoberts. I would let Mullens walk if someone makes a big contract offer. I like Mullens but he is likely a reserve behind McRoberts next year. I would try to sign Al Jefferson as my starting center with Biyombo as his backup. Re-sign Pargo and try to trade Sessions for an early second round pick (Cleveland maybe?). I would try to trade down in the draft to something like 10th and draft Plumlee. If you can't trade down then roll the dice on Cody Zeller or Anthony Bennett. I would also consider Otto Porter and Trey Burke. All those guys project as backups anyway just like Plumlee although be and Zeller could develop into Jefferson's replacement in three years. I really like five players who are projected to be late first rounders or second rounders: Erick Green, Deshaun Thomas and Adreian Payne. Really like Payne as a solid three in the NBA. I also like Lorenzo Brown and Nate Wolters - major sleepers at the point. Tim Hardaway jr has solid potential as an NBA 2 guard. Good handle, driver and can shoot the three... If the Cats can trade down and pick up some of these guys in the second round that would be very smart. Vander Blue and Richard Howe are a couple more second round sleepers to watch....


This draft is very interesting - some say it is weak. I agree there are not obvious super stars but there are a lot of guys who could have nice NBA careers. I think Zeller, Plumlee, Burke and CJ McCollum have the lowest risk. I think Muhammed, McLemore, Bennett and Noel have very high risk. I like each guy - but also have a lot of questions about them. Porter is another high risk guy. I actually like DeShaun Thomas and Adreian Payne more than Porter... I also really like Whity and Deing - both more than Len or Austin. I would avoid Len - very overrated from what I have seen of him. I think CJ Leslie still has a ton of potential and Reggie Bullock could be a great shooter off the bench.

Captain 3

Look...the bottom line is Dunlap was the wrong hire to begin with. College coaches do NOT translate into the NBA well. Ask Rick Pitino! Why do you think Coach K isn't on the Lakers bench? Dunlap is not a coach I would want to play for personally. He is negative and very abrasive, I would not play for a coach who all he did was knock what I didn't do versus my strengths. He did not know how to deal with paid players. He will do well in college, trust me. A lot of us thought he was the cheap/Plan Z hire last year. It sounds like he took his power over minutes too personally and punished players at his whim. Its just like when Dom Capers lost the Panthers after the Kerry Collins incident. He lost the team, especially if the overwhelming majority of the exit interviews showed issues. This is a good choice. We are heading in the right direction, and Dunlap was not going to lead us to the playoffs. We will get a good coach this time and he will stay and grow with us!

big bad john

I like Mike Malone as well Tom. Man you sure have alot of NBA ready GM's commenting here today. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! DOM(B) probably a new way to spell it!

big bad john

Poor old big gulppie, he only opens his piehole to change stinky feet. You know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big gulps

whats up big bj?


Tavon in the first & Honeybadger in the second. Playoffs in the winter.

big gulps

out of your mind smudge. i am sure you are kidding!

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