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Jeff Conyers

I'm sorry Judge, I didnt know the speed limit was 35. The integrity of the most sacred place in golf has now been tarnished by the decision made by the 2013 Masters committee. The game will never be the same.


The question we should be asking is, why didn't Tiger himself follow the rules? His post-play statement makes it pretty clear he knew what had happened while he was still prelaying, even if he didn't realize it at the moment.


Bottom line, Tiger chose to do what he did. Makes no difference how it was revealed, he made a choice.

Jerry McGee

Poor Tiger. Now he'll only make $75 million this year. How sad.


Tiger's statement makes me believe it wasn't someone watching TV, it was his statements to the press on going 2 yards back to change distance is what ensnared him. They re-reviewed based on his intent.


Technically, Fred is correct. It was Tiger's own words about dropping 2 yards back to give him a better distance, thus an "unfair advantage", that actually got him penalized.



It's pointless columns like this one that get readers so down on you. You're a better writer than this. Tiger did what he did, the tour officials missed it and a viewer who knew better, complained about it... just like viewers do in every other sport when officials blow a call. The only difference is that this particular viewer had somewhere he could call to complain... and that who he complained to, takes the rules more seriously than YOU apparently do!

scott griffin

Tiger apologist. Don't blame the player, blame the mouth breathing, bud guzzling, NASCAR loving, right wing conspiracist.


Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo were just discussing this on CBS and Nantz remarked that viewer reports in the past have led to players being disqualified. This is apparently NOT anything new.

The only controversy is whether or not Tiger should've been disqualified. That didn't happen because rule 33 was enacted a few years ago to avoid having to go to that extreme. Prior to that rule, Tiger would've been sent home.


What is this hotline that people are calling on...where is the viewer that called this is..hmmmm
Tiger had an issue on an illegal drop at another tourney...careless ..fast and loose. He should know better
And the club..don't let the golf committee of the hook..did they know this was an issue and fail to alert tiger

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