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Just go away Bruton....and buy yourself a personality!

Charlotte Sports Fan

He is forcing the community to once again assess the economic impact of a race - which is pretty big.


I was the 1st person to throw a BS Flag at the notion of BS moving the track back in '07. That idea was utter nonsense.

However, the moving of the Oct. race to Vegas to a track that BS owns makes very good sense to me. The glory days of NASCAR are gone, but it fits well in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Attendance at the BOA 500 has been barely over 50% of capacity lately and it will not get any better.

I'm not a BS fan, but ya best take him seriously this time. Peace!

big gulps

Bruton almost ran over me in the pit area before the race. Drove his mercedes right through crowds of people. Wearing a gawdy gold shirt.

NASCAR is dying fast....it won't matter where he moves the races.

Richard Smith

Let him move the race and then boycott any and all events there. The reason he did not move the track, economic. Money is the only thing that has any value to Smith. Let CMS become a ghost town. Charlotte along with North Wilksboro and Rockingham were some of the tracks that built NASCAR to the sport it is. Smith took four races from the other two tracks. Let him take his toys and go elsewhere. And stop throwing bad money after good to keep a museum open that has never run in the black. Charlotte does not need NASCAR. Let Smith follow Shinn and the Hornets. "Delta is ready when you are."

King Petty

Sadly it appears that most fans thought he already moved the race. The Sat night stands looked like a Wake Forest football game. Wait unitl this Oct race when 60,000 may attend and if he keeps running his mouth, the number may drop to 30,000.


We've been going to the October race in Charlotte for some years. It doesn't really live up to the "hype" for the "only night race in the chase". One, it is COLD in late October in Concord, particularly at night. If they wanted to do something to improve it for the fans, start the race at 5:30 like they do the 600, then they could still do the day into night thing and it wouldn't be midnight before the race (which is usually a parade anyway with the levigated track and Goodyear's hard tires). Of course, Bruton's not really in it for the fans, he's in it for the money.

NASCAR races aren't as big a draw as they once were - obviously there is economic impact whenever a sporting event is lost, but I agree that there are a lot less fans in the seats at Concord than there used to be.


The problem is people who run the Charlotte area are so afraid of O.Bruton Smith and of not getting re-elected if he shuts down CMS they they will bend and give him his way.

I have been to CMS and have seen the empty seats...So maybe he should lower the price and people might show up? Of maybe it is that the track has four NASCAR sanctioned races in a weeks time and they are to close together.

Go ahead...shut down the speedway, ruin the local economy, take a tax loss on the property, take your rich mans toys and head home to your mansion.

By threatening to shut down the speedway and ruin the local economy you are screwing the very people who you want to pay for your speedway upgrades.

SMI is a billion dollar corporation, they do not need to take tax dollars to update a race track or a stadium. If you want YOUR race track upgraded Mr. Bruton "Billionaire" Smith then pay for it yourself you greedy money grubbing slob who wears ugly glasses.


Senility and abhorrent world-class greed and egocentrism drive Smith...let's pray for a stroke that turns him into a vegetable, and he can rot and resemble the detestable slime that he is...the sooner this happens, the sooner we can be rid of this vile person.


I went to Charlotte for many years, we were packed in like sardines and if the person sitting in the next seat weighed over 180lbs. they were overlapping into your seat. had a big guy and his rather large wife next to me and i had no seat. they dont have that problem anymore. the actual reason i stopped going to Charlotte was because of the greed of the local merchants and hotels and to pay for parking on speedway property. Wonder if BS thinks he can take all that money with him or does he think he is going to live forever.


Off-topic, but Observer should change their sports web page heading tag line --- Charlotte Bobcats are now the Charlotte Hornets.

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