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Jarvis Jones

It's about who is most valuable to their team, not the best all-around player. The Heat have two other All-Stars and the NBA's all-time 3-poniter leader. They would be a 4-seed without LeBron. The Knicks would be a lottery team without Carmelo.

Randy Wolfe

It's ridiculous that your argument is simply that LeBron is a better all-around player, yet the award is supposed to go to the most VALUABLE player to his team. These are two entirely different things. The Heat would still be in the Eastern Conference finals without LeBron. N.Y. would be at home right now.

Alan Sanders

I agree with Randy and Jarvis. The Knicks are a terrible basketball team without Carmelo. The fact he led them to the No. 2 seed in the East is impressive. He is more valuable to that team than Lebron is to Miami.

big gulps

lebron is a freak


The award is for Most Valuable Player. Not Most Valuable Scorer. Carmelo looks to jack the ball up as soon as he gets past half court. He'll never win a title the way he plays. He will however make alot of money.


I can't wait to watch the MVP cry over all the "hard" fouls in his upcoming playoff series!!


Jarvis, Randy, Alan, your argument boils down to the MVP has to be the ONLY good player on his team. So, Jordan (Pippen, Rodman), Russell (Havlicek, Cousy), Magic Johnson (Worthy, Abdul-Jabbar), Bird (McHale, Parrish) didn't deserve any of their 16 combined MVP's either. Right?


Had to be the Boston writer, Miami has knocked them out of the playoffs all the time. Tipical sore loser!


lebron has the most stacked team in sports......they not only have the 3-4 hall of famers that the lakers have.....plus the 2 former all-stars that the lakers have.....but they're insanely younger, and they have chalmers, haslem, anderson, battier, miller, anthony, cole IN ADDITION TO THAT.

that team is a top 3 seed without lebron.

knicks have a ton of old dudes.....j.r. smith, melo and shumpert. and felton/chandler. and they have 29 million of their payroll sitting out. philly had the same exact problem and missed the playoffs.

lebron wasn't playing with prigoni and chris copeland and james white all year.

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