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Alan Major is as just pure unexcitment with a bad hair cut. Just what Judy and Phil want!


Tom, totally agree and I never watch the 49ers. Seems they never live up to the preseason mini-hype anyway.

Tim Collie

Because Judy is happy with mediocrity


Roses first mistake was firing Lutz.

Her second was Charlotte playing in the A10.

Her third was not hiring Minter to coach the 49er football team which would have drawn support beyond the student body and alumni.

Now, she extends Majors contract. My guess is its a chess move to justify her hiring of Majors. The W's and NCAA appearances dont justify.

The best scenario for Charlotte athletics would be if Rose got fired tomorrow and they brought Lutz in as A.D.

That Guy

To Charlotte Sports Fan:

I agree with one and two, although their hand was a little forced on the second one. But, anyone in the football world knows that hiring Minter would have been a mistake. If you have ever seen this guy on the sideline or when there were no cameras around, you would understand.

Dennis B

Until the alumni become tighter with pocketbooks and louder with their voices this type of crap from Judy will continue.

Hugo Panther

I like the idea of Bobby Lutz as AD/HEAD COACH!

Melvin W

Judy resigned Major because she could get him on the cheap. End of story.


I have no idea why Judy thinks this is a good idea.

Mike Minter is a different person when the cameras are off and no one is looking. Glad he's not our head coach.


Wouldn't have tendered an extension. Maybe after next season with noticeable success but not now. Stuck for a while with this guy and I just can't figure him out.


Judy will retire before this contract is up. Let someone else deal with firing and hiring a new coach. Just hope Phil retires before Judy so he doesnt pick the next AD.

officer jim

The whole problem with UNC-Charlotte athletic department is Judy Rose, top to bottom. I still don't understand why they want to keep her,she needs to be at a small program where she can make small decisions and whats up with her name being on the field house at the new stadium,Isn't she one of the people who didn't want football at UNCC? An athletic program parallels its athletic director and I believe as long as she is at UNCC the top sports there will be mediocre at best.

Shannon Franklin

I couldn't agree more Tom, it just made no sense at this point in his contract. He has made one post season, players are transferring out and we are getting transfers that cannot help in the immediate future. I think if he could get some traction next season with an NCAA bid then maybe but not until then.

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