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Phil Lattio


Let it go....

Veronica Lodge

So Tiger breaks the rules and tries to get away with it by not recognizing it and all Tom can come up with is to insult the fan who reported it?

How many of us have yelled at a ref for a bad call? Does that mean we all live in our parents' basements?

Maybe Tom does.


I'm really surprised at this from the normally level-headed Tom. But he's not a golfer. He doesn't understand that golf is different from other sports; it's played on the honor system.

There's not another game that demands such a devotion to the letter of the rules, not just the spirit. It's the only sport in which the competitors are expected and required to call penalties on themselves, even if no one else saw the infraction. In golf, there is no "if you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'".

Tiger certainly knows the rules, as does his caddy. He willfully broke them, in order to get a better yardage. But Tiger himself is kind of different, and we all know that he sometimes thinks the rules others play by don't apply to him. It's good and proper that somebody caught him "bending" them. It's also proper that he wasn't suspended because of the initial, mistaken ruling by the officials.

All in all, the other competitors in the field undoubtedly appreciated the actions of the "tattletale", who I understand is a former golf official and now playing on the Champion's Tour. Sorry Tom, you got this one wrong.

ML Howell

I can't believe I've agreed with Tom the last month or so....Get a life

big gulps

Tiger's lack of honor and trust in his personal life was spilling over into his golf life and he got called on it. The man can't be trusted, it is apparent. He was playing by his own rules and was incorrect.

It would be unfair to all the other golfers playing that didn't cheat, if he were given a pass as you suggest Tom. I do not agree with this article.


I think ya'll missed the point of his piece. His point was about being able to impact a sporting event as a fan. This was not the first time a viewer called in a infraction on a golfer and it won't be the last.

I mean really, if every golfer was subject to having every shot they hit shown on TV, then the phones would ring off the hook, as I've seen up close PGA golfers break or mistake a rule and it never came up or was self-reported by the guilty golfer or his playing partner. So while I agree with you Archie about policing themselves, don't be nieve to think those guys don't look out for each other out there and keep quiet.

Like Tom, I haven't felt it was my place to tell on them, just like its not a persons place to call a golf tournament.


Really Tom? You hope your kids turn a blind eye to cheating when they see it? Do you also teach them snitches get stitches? Not sure what you were going for but you missed.


Tom this is ridiculous. Even Tiger said "Rules are Rules".

You earlier criticized the Panthers fans who took out anonymous ad, citing no particular rules for doing so, merely saying it was the right thing to do to put their names on it.

Now, you criticize another anonymous person for doing the right thing and following the rules.

Which is it Tom?

Swing and a miss, sir, and the latest in a long line of them.


now sergio had someone call on him, this is just the beginiing of all things..everybody is a judge going forward

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