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Is it official?


Draft isn't until June 26. Right.....? Go Hornets!


"When I think about the Hornets, I smile."

Amen...best news I've read lately! Hugo's coming home!


Tom...what's a realistic best-case scenario on the timing of the changeover? I know the whole "official" 18-month transition statements, etc...but is there any chance the name change could happen *before* next season?


Love it. Just dusted off my Hornets clothes. Wearing my shirt tonight.


YES...YES..YES!!!!! Very smart marketing move and it's great for the fans and the city of Charlotte!!!! This might be the best moment Michael has had since retiring from basketball!!!! The buzz is back and hopefully the Hornets future is bright!!!! GO HORNETS!!!!!


We didn't whine or criticize. We got on board and had a fine time.<<<< Definitely miss those days.....


I hate to be Debbie Downer here, but as long as His Egoness is in charge, it won't matter what the name and colors are.

However, there are a lot of honest fans here who wanted this, so I am happy for them.


Debbie just shut the heck up! Go Hornets!
Little bit louder now!


As a previous Bobcats season ticket holder I don't give a flip about cosmetic changes. Wake me when we have more than three NBA caliber players on the team. This is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig.


I'm right there with Aggiedecks. Former season ticket holder who is over this franchise.

Hopefully they'll improve the game day experience and field a team that can be competative so the fans will stick around once the novelty of the new name has worn off. My fear is that they'll just have Hugo doing the same dumb stuff that Ruffus was doing. And I'm sorry to say, but Chuck Wagon, I think I've heard "Shout" played once at a Bobcats game.

My fear is that this name change will wind up ruining everyones fond memories of the old Hornets.

Bobcat Bucks

Yeah let's cater to a crowd that NEVER attended games or supported the franchise. Charlotte has the worst fans I've ever seen, both in NBA and NFL.

Hugo Panther

We need to hype up the flying Hornet Blimp too. Remember When? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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