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big gulps

9:30 pm game start is late night? come on tom, how old are you?

has anyone noticed that the Warriors win more when Curry doesn't score a ton....but rather plays better team ball? he'll figure it out, a refreshing player to watch in the NBA.


9:30 is too late for us old people with jobs.


Wow Sorsen and the guy with the mustache we all agree on something. Warriors are my favorite team too. After all who wants to root for a team that doesn't want to pay good money for a coach or players. Who wants to root for a team whose owner cares more about golf and the good life than his investment. That Stephan Curry is something to be proud of. What a stand up guy. Some owners in the league forgot about winning and accept mediocrity. I think Stephan Curry could teach them a thing or too. Go Warriors!

MP - ASU 2003

I go to mini camp to see Cam Newton! He is SOOO sexy!! Jerry Richardson should kick Armani off the team!

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