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Carolina will be ok....

They could move McAdoo to SF backed up by Topeka and Simmons, play PJ and McDonald at SG, rotate Nicks/Johnson/Meeks/James/Hubert at 4 and 5 with Paige and Britt at PG and build an 8 or 9 man rotation based on performance...if they need outside shooting move McAdoo back to 4 and play PJ and McDonald at 3 and 2...lots of options. Tough schedule next year too

If you saw Harrison Barnes play for Golden State, you should know he would have been a better pick for Charlotte than MKG. 26 points, perfect at the foul line, let the game come to him and can shoot the 3.

If the Bobcats would have drafted him, this year take Noel, Len, or Zeller, and next year with three picks (Detroit and Portland)...A. Harrison, Wiggins or Parker, and Gordon they would be a team with a future.


Glenn...you are a person that knows not what he speaks. I agree that I think Barnes is better than MKG but other than that Zeller will be a marginal NBA player, there is no guarantee the Bobcats will get all 3 picks next year, all those players you are talking about are probably top 10 picks and those picks are lottery protected.


Evidently, I need to clarify my response..
For the Bobcats...Draft number one or two, take Noel...if they fall to fourth or fifth consider Len (Zeller would be a trade down but should have been left out).
The Detroit pick is top 8 protected in 2014(It was top 12 protected this year).
Portland pick is top 12 protected in 2014.

Time will tell how many of the players I mentioned would be available next year for the Bobcats.


Glenn, if you were going to "clarify" your response, replacing "Nicks" with "Hicks" and "Topeka" with "Tokoto" probably would have been a better choice.


TarHeelMax...Thanks for the real corrections. I typed too fast without checking. Thanks again for setting me straight.

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