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Out of all the years the Bobcats have sucked, they picked the wrong years to be the suckiest.

Bobcat Bucks

Take Lillard and have Kemba be the SG. He sure plays like one anyway.


I may eat my words, but I think Lillard is playing close to his ceiling right now. Which is plenty good, but I think MKG will ultimately be as good a player.


Between the Panthers and Bobcats I can only imagine this is what fans in Cleveland and Kansas City must feel like with their garbage sports teams. Glad that we rival them for worst sports town in America.

I care not

We made the right choice. Careers are not measured by rookie season stats.


T-Rob, aka Thomas Robinson (who, admittedly, had me fooled into believing that he should have been at the top of our list), was traded earlier this season to Houston, where he still gets a ton of bench time and is easily a "work in progress".

For the first time in life, I agree with Sorensen. I'm not sure how badly I feel about that (but, my gut says I should feel pretty badly :-) )


Not saying he becomes Scottie Pippen, but that was a player MJ compared him to, so its fair to compare MKG's stats to Pippen's first year stats, and clearly, even adjusting for playing time, MKG had the better rookie season than one of the best small forwards of all times. He is also the youngest player in the league.

MKG will be the 2nd or 3rd (behind The Brow and Lillard)of this draft, which will be known as a very good draft in the future.

Charlotte Sports Fan

Trade Frank to Cleveland or Kansas City along with a sack of cash just to take him.

Jason Warren

What was the point of writing this?


they should have picked Barnes,,,, a proven scorer in college...mkg played in a system....


I like MKG, but knowing what I know now and knowing what I did, I would've still taken Harrison Barnes. I like MKG though and had him as my 2nd choice, but I was and still am a huge Barnes guy. I am not a Tarheel fan, but I seen that he had that potential to be a 20 point a game player when he went for 40 in one game. would he get more attention if he were here, yes, but I feel he would put up better stats than MKG shooting. I would NEVER take Robinson and I always thought he was a bit overrated. I am still not big on Drummond and I like Lilard, but he's not a huge need.


MKG was the logical choice. Bobs or should I say Hornets still need a franchise player. Might as well let Gerald Henderson walk if he wants too much and draft McLemore. Then hope for Wiggins next year. Not sure what we do with MKG then, but you have to draft for talent in the NBA.

Julian Cuthbertson

With the lack of quality coming from the college ranks these days, drafting players is a crap shoot. You can't really predict who has the most potential off one year of college ball.

Money has become the driving factor on all decisions for these players and they go to the league whether they are ready or not. Luckily they have to go to school for at least one year or else we would have a league full of 18 years old who have not developed yet.


Trading down makes sense so you can let other teams make mistakes. I would say that Lillard (best choice). Barnes and MKG will prove to be the best choice other than Lillard and Davis. Thomas and Drummond still have a lot to prove. Beal can score but defense?

One blog has the Bobcats trading down with Minnesota, moving Thomas for D. Williams and a nobody to take Len. Possibly a great move but lets take their 26th pick to and draft L. Brown from NC State (6 5 point guard). Then they have D. Williams, Len, and L. Brown and the get rid of a liability in Thomas. Minnesota gets their choice.

What do you think? Of course, Tuesday's nights order could change the possibility here.

Next year if they get Detroit's pick and Portland one is protected 8, the other 12 but they could land three very good players if it works out. Next years draft could change the Charlotte Hornets (oh, not yet). That is why a choice of a Len (or a big by trading down makes even more sense).


Okay Tom, so you would still draft MKG. Why?


ok what if MKG improves as much as Walker and Bis from year 1 and 2 and Bis and Walker keep improving from year 2 to 3


I didn't want MKG Then and I still don't. I said trade down so we could gamble on more than one player. I think if i didn't trade down i would take Barnes. Barnes is going to get a lot better the next two seasons and will be an All-Star. MKG will still be learing to shoot in three years. Seriously - how many teams do you think MGK could start on? One - maybe two?

I would trade down with Minn for the #9 and #26 picks. Take Len - or if he is gone grab Plumlee. The trade MKG, #26 and next year's second rounder to Houston for Thomas Robinson and Terrance Jones. You would add three solid post players and Jones can shoot the three.


Maybe I am being a little harsh on MKG... He could improve. Mullens could learn how to rebound every game instead of one out of three. Biz could improve more and be the next Ibaka. Of all those "thoughts" the only one i really believe is Biyombo. I think he will contiune to get better - and so will Walker. It would be nice if Mullens could teach MKG how to shoot and MKG could teach Mullens how to do his job which isn't hanging out on the three point line watching the Cats get killed on the glass..... Or maybe we bring in a new set on young guns and see how they do.


This draft has me a little disgusted to be honest with you. Noel and Len both hurt already... and that makes them risky no matter how much I like thier games. I like Deing, Plumlee and Withy. I think all three of those guys will be solid role players and play in the NBA for ten years. If Portland drops to #12 and we get thier pick then I would trade down with Minn for #9 and #26. Then i would try to trade down again with Atlanta - #9 and #26 for #17, #18 and #47. Then I would take Plumlee with the Portland pick (#12) and then Dieng and Withy with #17 and #18 if they are still on the board - then Richard Howell at #47. Bring those four guys in and your rebounding and frontcourt defense WILL improve!


MKG has been playing basketball his whole life and he still can't shoot. His mechanics are horrible and he had to work on shot just to get to that level. He was may ne a good player, but he will never be a go to player or an all star

J. Mixon

More often than not, Tom is off base, BUT you can't expect him to have the integrity of the Rock of Gibralar. He's going to saw whatever makes him look best, truth be damned. I didn't want MKG, but we're stuck with him. I don't like the thought of having to pay NBA prices to watch this many "project/potential" players. Kemba plays hard though and while he's no Bogues, he has heart. Biz and Mullens are getting better and McRoberts is a keeper for now.
Face facts, Damian Lillard is the best of the 2012 draft so far and Barnes is not far behind. They were both lucky enough to get in good situations. Thomas Robinson may yet prove himself. Would be better to watch him ride the bench here for a ton less money than to watch Tyrus do the same for a gazillion dollars!


Drummond would have been a good pick, because all the big men we have think they are shooting guards. We also made the mistake of passing on Brook Lopez too in favor of a guard.


I say trade the entire franchise for a professional ultimate frisbee team. Fair deal right? I was a legendary ultimate frisbee thrower in my day so that will qualify me as owner, just like Michael for the Bobs. Right?

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