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Not a big deal?


Hmmmm, another certain athlete comes to mind as I read this story. Tyrann Matthai......


He was probably running late for the African Studies class he needed to be eligible and what was the purpose of bringing the other schools into this?

I think you are the only one making a big deal about it.

big gulps

the Carolina Way:

academic cheating
drug use
players mom's hooking up with UNC employees(Mrs. Hansbrough)
the list goes on.....

Bubba has a lot of work to do....


The reality is that he's a kid. He's not a grown man with a family and mortgage and all the responsibilities that most 30-40 yr olds have. Please tell me that when you were in high school in college you didn't smoke a little pot with your buddies every once in awhile. People blow it out of proportion.


Framed! It's interesting that he was arrested in Durham. Crybabyzewski is probably in a good mood today. Never wear a light blue shirt in Dookville, ever.

Ol Roy

Now coming out that a gun was found outside the car. Still NO BIG DEAL. Nothing to see here.

big gulps

"he's just a kid"



The big deal is that there is no suspension. I can't speak for any of the other programs but I know for a fact Charlotte has suspended guys for alot less than this.

Mike W

The only big deal here is that he got caught. When I was in school, I lived on the same floor with about a dozen football players. You could walk down the hallway and get high. People act as if smoking weed is such a terrible thing. He deserves a suspension because he was stupid enough to be driving around with it all while not having a license. KIDS make mistakes. Hopefully he learns from it considering the future he could possibly have.


SO you're saying NC State, Duke, Wake Forrest, Charlotte and Davidson don't play big time college basketball?


Clay, not sure where you went to school but, apparently they didn't teach reading comprehension.


he's a future nba player.

every single nba player I know smokes weed. explain to me how it's a problem?


Hope he doesn't transfer to Colorado or Washington.


It's better than the whole team gang raping an innocent female like some schools in the area

James Reed

Tom you left out the part about the gun. P.J. seems to have a part time job that takes him to east Durham late at night. You figure it out.

big gulps

I can't blame him for taking a gun to Durham. That is the only thing he appears to have done correct in all of this.

Jim Dunn

@ Smitty: Seriously? Do you even know what Tyrann Mathieu has done? May as well compare him to Ricky Williams.

Ol Roy

"It was just a kid who happens to play big-time basketball being a kid."

I don't know about y'all, but I also carried a loaded 9mm and a couple ounces of pot around with me when I was a kid.

Hawaiian Bob

Who among us hasn't had a bit of da kine? As for the gun, they'd have a hard time saying it belonged to P.J. since there were two other folks in the vehicle. Besides, aren't we supposed to be all about 2nd amendment rights? Also, the police report lists his name as Samuel Peterson Hairston. So what does "P.J." stand for?

James Reed

^ Puff Junior??


It is a big deal. Actions and decisions have consequences. This young man is in a position where, very shortly in his life, anything may be available to his whims - much of it worse than what he had here, and with greater consequences. His actions also reflect on those associated with him: his coach, his team... He has to make good decisions in the very near future. His team has to depend upon him. Being high, in jail, or dead does not help those who depend upon him, be they his team or his family. Decision-making school starts here - by showing him, and others, that what he did is not acceptable.


The only two crimes here are a government that tells you that you can't explore your own consciousness, and a government that tells you that one of god's creations is off limits to you.

This isn't a crime for 26% of the United States population in 18 states and it shouldn't be for NC.


equivalent of getting a speeding ticket.

Fred J

Tom sucking up to Carolina fans?

You are slipping man. You will be on your knees like DeCock if you don't stop that.

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