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joe cool

Hitler was once a kid?


Oh, and just to show you how other schools handle lesser offenses, WFU suspended 8 starters from last year's football team for a game for smoking pot.

Here you have a kid with a gun and what looks like distribution and your response is "don't suspend him."


There is a difference in charged and convicted. Sure, I have a no tolerance for this type of stuff. Regardless of his amount of guilt, he made a huge mistake. Choose your friends and activities very carefully, not just for college basketball players but for all.


What a crock of &*^%$...Not a big deal? If I remember correctly NC State kicked a player off the team this past year for a DUI. But Im sure at UNC its ok to sell drugs, yes sell as 43 grams is not personal use, and have a loaded gun. Im sure all you tarheels are so proud of your school, even though the rest of the country isnt. Maybe the New York Times will feature another article on your great Universtity. Pathetic, embarrasing and criminal. That sums up UNC these days. Go Heels!

Jason Warren

A loaded gun in the car with over an ounce of pot in a rental car, and its not a big deal? Haha, "OK"

John W.

At least he didn't turn around when he saw the traffic stop, like Redick did. And DUI is a much more serious offense, for people living in the world of science and truth.

D Simpson

You are a fraud Tom. When the Duke Lacrosse scandal was going on, you ripped those boys apart for doing something legal (hiring a stripped) before the facts of the case came out. Even though you constantly referred to all of the free perks you would get at the Men's Club, you acted as a moral superior to those boys. I guess when it is UNC they get a different set of rules. In any other real city you would be lucky to be a beat reporter for middle school girls field hockey.


"charged with possession of marijuana and driving without a license"

Tom, you're an idiot.
First, I've got no problem with pot, and feel it should be legalized and treated similar to liquor.
Second, focus on the "driving without a license" bit. What is acceptable about this at any age? I'd have to assume that a 20 year old without a license probably doesn't have one for a good reason.
Third, the fact he was charged with possession and driving tells me he was most likely using behind the wheel. Nobody sees a problem with this?


Whoa, omission of the gun details really is unreal!!

Hugo, how do you low PJ doesn't have a family? Given the demo is say odds are good that he does ;)

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