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Charlotte Native

I would take a chance on Len. Don't like that he is injured at the moment, but this team is 2 good players away from making the playoffs. Those players are only going to come in the Draft.

GO Bobnets

The only pick that makes any sense is Len. He has all the skills needed from a big man and is NBA ready as is. The injury is very much an overstated issue. It is a common break that does not affect play later. Bring this young man in and let the winning begin!


I like Len, its my unserstanding he played a lot of last season on the injury, so that tells you about his ability to play. There are not a lot of TRUE centers anymore. I am not giving up on BIZ but they would make for good depth, not to mention the fact that Len can actually shoot the ball today and will only get better with good coaching. Hopefully this time we have good coaching.


Get Len this year, with 2 (and if everything falls just right then 3) first round picks next year, we can get shooters next year and next years draft is better overall anyways.


A trade package inclusive of the pick could be a viable solution if a team really wants one of these players mentioned. If a trade cannot be negotiated than Len would be my choice.


Did anyone watch Len in college? I did, no thanks. What European center has worked out in the last 10-15 years (besides Dirk)? Len is not tough enough mentally or physically from what I have seen. Plus we have Gerald and Ben Gordon at the 2, which is the only position we have quality depth, why draft another 2? Oladipo would have been in the mid to late 20's any other draft and most scouts are not sold on McLemore above the shoulders. Get a center in FA, draft Bennett for some inside/outside scoring, and then draft Wiggins/Parker/Randle/etc in the lottery next year.


I watched him in college. He was effective when given the ball. I agree about the toughess. But most of these kids lack that from college. Cousins didnt but look at all the baggage he has though, if it werent for that I like to see us try to get him. I dont see us getting a FA center or any GOOD FA. They dont want to come here.


What European Center has worked in the last 10-15 years? Is this a joke?

* Marc Gasol for the Grizzlies this year made the conference finals

* His brother Pau Gasol PF/C was an integral part of the Lakers winning 2 championships

* Omer Asik of the Houston Rockets is a premier rebounding center

* Thiago Splitter, although Brazilian, his game is a product of European basketball. Last time I checked he's a starting center in the NBA finals starting tonite.

* Nikola Vucevic of the Orlando Magic is also an up and coming center that recorded a double-double last season

To me, the American Center is the one you have to worry about drafting. Their fundamentals generally aren't as good and they lack back to the basket post skills.


I would agree with your article but I still favor the comment I read on another blog (if it is still available) to trade down to 9 and 26 with Minnesota. Then take Len if available or (don't shoot me) Zeller. I am the one that said trade down and take Barnes last year. Then take a L. Brown from NC State (a 6 5 PG) with 26. Next year could be a possibility of 3 tope fourteen picks...good shooters, a solid forward, good two guard and maybe a lucky draw to get a solid player (Wiggins/Parker).
If the trade would let T. Thomas be a part of it for D. Williams, it makes the trade even better.


@Nick: based on your comments, you strike me as someone who knows very little about basketball and hasn't watched very much. There are numerous European centers who have been outstanding in the NBA. Len is true center size and has looked plenty good in college both under the basket and facing it. His biggest advantage is his skill set. He's a big man who is a great passer and shooter with good moves. Another words-he's the type of center teams are drafting now. The age of the seven footer who can only rebound and finish five feet from the rim was over ten years ago.


I agree with @PantherD here. Len does have a great skill set, can pass and shoot unlike anybody the Cats have now. And remember this..his toughness is one thing that keeps coming up as a question. Look at Roy Hibbert, when he came in the league he was as soft as a waffle cone in the desert, but he had skills. It takes development of these guys, so on any given day I would much rather take someone who already has the skill set of shooting and passing and playing in the post, and teach him how to be tough..how to attack the rim and be aggressive on the boards. It is much easier to teach toughness than to teach the fundamentals, which by now..if they don't know how to shoot and pass etc..it is going to be really tough to teach them.

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