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this game literally had me nervous watching it. absolutely insane. i thought the officiating was bad at times (letting miami get away with things) but not kicking manu out for the bow and not giving lebron the BS calls when it mattered kind of evened things out.

ultimately, san antonio lost by each parker, leonard and ginolbi missing 1 of 2 free throws down the stretch in regulation. any of them hit 1 of them and that 3 pointer by allen wouldn't have mattered.

allen bailed out lebron from seriously looking like a failure. he made the critical clutch 3 before allen's but prior to that, he turned the ball over and missed shots on something like 4 or 5 straight possessions. he made up for that on defense as san antonio couldn't do ANYTHING to capitalize on those mistakes. absolute classic thriller playoff game.

I HATE that san antonio didn't pull that out either. if manu had a MEDIOCRE game, they win running away. dude had 8 turnovers. in arguably the biggest game of his career.

and mike miller's little spurt at the end of 3rd and beginning of 4th was what saved miami from embarrassment. that dude ONLY shows up when it matters.

leonard makes that free throw and he becomes instant legend. game 7 can't top that, no way, and I think the heat will probably run away with it. they found their home court mojo in the 4th and if that carries over at all, they won't lose.


Crazy, intense game. Yes, a classic. Unfortunately, I have a rooting interest (the Spurs) and that made my stomach churn and my night sleepless. The free throws and Manu Ginolli's awful game (turnovers, lack of scoring) did them in. The Spurs have to deal with a crushing loss and Miami may yet win game seven because they're so energized at home now. But if there is any team I'd handpick to come back and win game seven after blowing game six, it's the mentally tough Spurs.

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