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49er Mike

Thank you Jerry!



Thank you Jerry! As a Niner alum, I am honored to see the support you have shown our University and it's commitment to FORTY NINER FOOTBALL!

Hugo Panther

Very classy move Mr Richardson. As a multiple PSL owner since day one and NOT a UNCC Alum, I applaud your generosity to the 49ers new football program and I wish them a great future in college football. Go 49ers, go PANTHERS!


... yet he still requested millions from Charlotte taxpayers for BofA stadium upgrades.


^^^^ personal vs. business. 2 different things. he personally made a ton of money BEFORE bringing us an NFL franchise. he personally donated 10 million to the school.

the panthers as a business are renovating their stadium and as is common practice are partnering with the city's tax payers to do so. because ALL OF US as tax payers benefit from having the panthers here. property values, business income, growth of the city, events that come with the stadium (ACC championships, bowl games, MNF, huge concerts, international soccer, even DNC to some degree).

he didn't ask anybody for anything the first go round, which most other franchises did.

and nobody complained when the city gave 40 million to the knights who aren't going to impact anything economically as a AAA team. 40 million to them vs. 300 whatever million to the panthers.......the 300 million has far better return on investment with the pro team. the 40 million has no return. and i said 300, i believe the number was much lower (without looking).

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