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Mike W

The REAL question should be who will whine more? Duncan or Wade/LBJ? My money is on Wade & LBJ.


I honestly thought more people would be picking the Spurs after they have played so well in the playoffs and the Heat struggled so much against Indiana. The Pacers would have won that series if they had a strong ball handler like Tony Parker running the show. It is hard for me to believe the Heat will win if they play remotely like they did the in the last series. The Spurs will nail outside shots, rebound better, and play smart team defense without the huge number of turnovers. They also have defenders like Leonard who can at least slow Lebron down enough so that they don't have to constantly double-team him and leave a 3 point shooter wide open. I say Spurs in 6

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I believe this to be a good series however Indiana and the Spurs are 2 different teams. TP and TD are great players in their own right, but they don't present the same challange as Indiana did. Golden State presented more of a challange the the Grizzlies, but I believe that was because of their high scoring pace, however at the end it was the defense of the Spurs that hurt. I dont think the Spurs D will affect the Heat the same way. But we will see.


Everyone talks about how great the Spurs are but this is basically the same team that couldn't beat OKC- who lost to Miami in 5. The problem saw with Miami against Indiana was the match-up not that Miami isn't as good as we thought. The Spurs don't have the big men that Indiana does. I can't imagine the Spurs will beat Miami. It won't be a sweep but I don't think it will go 7 either.

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