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breaking bad is NOWHERE near sopranos level, however i'll take the wire over sopranos any day but sopranos would no doubt be the second choice.

breaking bad is WAYYYYY too contrived and falls of character continuity entirely too much. started off brilliant and then just got wayyy too unrealistic. still good entertainment but not on HBO's level.

luck would have been up there if HBO had the balls to put PETA in their place.

as for basketball, i don't know about lebron not being "look at me" if you meant at THAT very moment maybe, but in general, he's one of the worst. I'll take Kobe's diva over lebron's god complex any day. absolutely insane series though. i was hoping for OKC vs. miami pt 2 but this was wayyyyy more interesting. danny green, kawhi leonard, timmy playing like he was 24 again, manu absolutely losing his game at the most critical juncture. mcgrady being there. bosh somehow being incredibly insignificant, yet delivered THE pivotal play of the series (the offensive rebound to set up allen's 3). lebron somehow managing to be both clutch and choking simultaneously in game 6.

absolute insanity. can't ask for more as a fan of the nba. the officiating in the finals was nowhere near as bad as the rest of the playoffs was. truly did NOT feel the typical heat bias. on to the draft.

Nat Turner

^^^True indeed ... The Wire is the standard followed closely by The Sopranos




as much as I've felt that finals have been rigged in the past....i didn't think the officiating was bad in this one. It was typically horrible during the reg season and had moments in the playoffs, but the finals were decided by the players.

spurs gave it away. simple as that. and that's where the jordan comparison's can be left alone forever. jordan was never GIVEN a title. dude didn't give ANYONE anything either.

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