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OMG WHAT ABOUT TITLE 9 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Typical Tom. Long on wind, short on thought.


They are being paid, room, board, tuition on the job training..... Other students subsidize these students through their tuition and fees.....



One problem with the thought - due to the Title IX ruling years ago...they cannot do that - if they pay the Football/Basketball men's players then they have to pay them all. Also, this is no different than if you discover something while researching at a University - you ge a good education and a blurb in som emagazine/newspaper.


Yes, pay them...then charge them the going rate for a full year's fee to have coach K give them basketball lessons


I believe people should go to college for one reason... to go to college. If you are a good athlete and want to use those skills to get into a college you may not be otherwise able to attend, fine, but with tuition and other costs approaching six figures a year, that's half a million dollars if you stick it out plus multiples of that in free advertising and face recognition when you move on, even if you don't play as a pro. Do not fool yourself into thinking a sports background in college does not earn points in the workforce. Eric is right. If they value an education, they are getting paid. If not, let the pro leagues take them out of high school like baseball does and stop wasting classroom space.


Not really that simple. a.) Where is the money going to come from? Probably less than 50% of major universities generate a positive cash flow from Athletics. b.) In turn, this probably means the elimination of all other sports. Good-by swimming, soccer, track, field hockey, etc. c.) You have the whole Title IX issue to deal with.

And finally how can you look an Olympic sport athlete in the eye and say you know they are representing the school on a different stage and sacrificing as much or more than a football or basketball player but you don't get pizza money.

So, either pay them all, or pay none of them.


Absolutely not. Players at Duke can get a college education valued at a quarter of a million dollars. That should be enough. If they fail to take advantage, whose fault is that?


Yes, I agree. They should've been paying football and men's basketball players decades ago!


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