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diaw's lack of intensity has LONG been mistaken for him not playing hard.

you're talking about a guy that didn't miss a game due to injuries or sickness or personal reasons or whatever during his time in charlotte. his consecutive starts streak was broken by silas' frustration with him not fitting the common mold. diaw is the exact guy poppovich talks about when he voices frustration with euro players laz approach to the game. it's not that he's not playing hard, it's that he's cool about how he does it.

if you run back tape of his time in a bobcats uniform, dude was playing PHENOMENAL man defense. dude was boxing out EVERY SINGLE play. his stats look mediocre, but he is the ultimate glue guy. he would have been the perfect glue for the rebuild and undoubtedly would have helped both kemba and biz develop better. we saw that in the poor man's version (mcroberts).

people absolutely hated him here and mostly because he wasn't ripped and didn't have a "game face". not everybody has lebron's genetics. he added bulk SPECIFICALLY because he had to guard 5's while here and fans crucified him for it.

good to see him have his moment last night in the finals. that guy is a player.

Marty Hurney

Charlottean - I'll have to disagree. I watched enough Bobcats games in person and on the tube to believe that Diaw was lazy.

I recall one where Diaw drove the lane, thought he was fouled and gave up on the play. He turned it over and started arguing with the ref as a fast break went in the other direction. The player you describe would've hustled his butt back to the other end of the floor, instead of walking up, chewing the ref's ear.


you're referencing one play out of what? 4 seasons? Dude ran the floor and got back more than any body else on the roster. what you're describing was far more prominent among jackson, wallace, and felton who didn't get harped on about it because they come off as "gamers" where diaw doesn't.

you run back the film.....dude would average 5 or so rebounds but would be owed about another 10 by his teammates because he ALWAYS boxed out. you never saw his man getting to the offensive glass.

people saw it the other way because they wanted to. he doesn't fit the mold of what you want him to be. you're talking about a guy that has been the captain of a STRONG french national team, a guy tony parker begged for san antonio to trade for (and ultimately got him for free?)

look around the league....how many guys you know play 32 mpg for 4 straight years without missing a single game?


I like Boris, always have. Glad he's found a place to belong. I assign fault to the Bobcats. Silas was not a good coach for the team and many players have left the Bobcats only to flourish elsewhere. I hope this coach is able to develop the players and the team improves. I'm not expecting miracles, I would just like the guys to develop as players and win more games.


Happy to see Boris playing well. He is a role player on the Spurs. Unfortunately he was playing 35 minutes in Charlotte.


Boris played like a bum when he was here. Most of the time he would play oh-lay defense if the guy he was guarding had any quickness or he gave ground if the guy just bullied him under the basket. Boris only looks good now on defense just like most of the Spurs because they know Tim Duncan is behind them to clean up their mistakes and to direct traffic. Boris was laughable on offense with his 2 shot attempt games while he was here. Yeah, sometimes he would box out but he wouldn't get off the floor for the rebound. Coach Silas wasn't the only one that was frustrated with Diaw during his time here. The body language of his teammates clearly showed their weariness with his lack of effort for 4 or 5 games in a row then 1 great game out of him from nowhere. With Boris and TT and Diop on the team, its easy to see why they had the worst winning percentage in league history. The young guys on that team did play hard during that time inspite of what was going on. I just hope the young guys who will remain with the team can overcome that bad history and turn this franchise into a winner.


will that's just not factually accurate.

boris was also a key component to the most successful bobcats team. he was also a key component to some very successful suns teams prior. chalking up the worst record on his back entirely is insanely unjust, especially given we would have won a few more if we had kept him the entire season.

run the tape back, there weren't many "ole" moments as you put it (misspelled of course) and no he didn't get off the ground for rebounds. he was busy absolutely wiping out the opponents best offensive rebounder. on a good team concept, that's what you want.

if you actually WATCHED the guy play in charlotte and then compared to other guys.....the guy was a player. ran the floor consistently, showed up every night and played defense, boxed out. what he didn't do.......was force shots up and in some cases forced passes to teammates that were inferior to him. but that's his game. when you surround him with good players, he thrives and makes EVERYONE better. when you surround him with the team we had in 2011.........you get bad results.

but dude was far from a bum. the fact that he's had success every where else (and even here) speaks to that.


charlottean I should have said matador defense instead of "ole"(thanks). I watched diaw in person play with a no care no effort I'm in my own world attitude while on the court. And while he sat on the bench he very RARELY communicated with his teammates about what was going on in the game. If he was such a good player as you describe he should have been a voice that made the team play better. Instead what I saw at the games was a player in diaw who would not rotate on defense if a teammate got beat and he would try to pass to a teammate(as you say forcing passes) when he was 2 feet from the basket with no one guarding him(unexplainable). It was clear in his play his final year that he wanted out(he said as much through his agent), but I thought it was very unprofessional of him in his effort and demeanor. And yes, I do think he was largely to blame for that record. Because the player you so glowingly describe should have been a beacon to show the way for a young team instead of "playing" like a lazy - I don't care - I don't want to be here so this is what you get "bum".


Great analysis charlottean!

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