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Totally agree on the Hernandez statement. There's some sort of misunderstanding that playing football must = being a good person. Hernandez could easily be a very bad apple, regardless of how athletically talented he is or how many multimillions he makes. We're soon to find out.


I disagree with you on Seth Curry. I hope the Bobcats/Hornets are able to secure his services. I think the Curry family has learned to endure and make the best of opportunities. Yes, I am a fan of Dell and I have become a fan of both sons. I would also like for the Bobcats/Hornets to give Wood from NC State a shot. He can shoot.

People also need to give Cody Zeller a chance before the decide the choice was so bad. The NBA is getting away from post up centers (because there are not that many). Agile big men with mobility and an outside shooters needed. Even Bosh is not a post up center (and who won the last two championships?). (No I am not comparing Zeller to Durant, Duncan, and Garnett but they are examples of the new breed).

Just give Zeller time and let Cho finish the 2014 draft to see what the Hornets look like. I really believe you will like the team for 2014-15.


Glenn, if you think Bosh won those 2 championships, I got a bridge for sale...


Sorry that is what you got from the comment. They were a team without a post up center. That is all I meant. I would not take Bosh in any trade or free agent. He is overpaid. I am SORRY I used him as an example.

Hugo Panther

Tom you are getting a little Pithey in your old age. I wanted Alex Len too, but I think Cody Zeller is going to be a very good player for the HORNcats and by 2014-2015 THE CHARLOTTE HORNETS. This year we want to be bad and get the #1 pick. Then with 3 first round picks and a couple good free agent picks we are off to the playoffs. Have a good week-end, and I'd love for Seth to work out here.


Cody Zeller was a great pick up for the Bobcats. Nerlens Noel is coming off an injury and also very light weight to bang with anyone in the NBA. Also, his offensive game is nowhere near Zellers game. If Pat Ewing can get Zeller and also one other big to play a semi-post game the Bobcats will generate more offense.


yeah i think we're finding out hernandez was a serial killer who played football.

disagree big time about seth curry being under too much pressure here. who gives an eff if it is a lot of pressure playing for the home town team......dude played for DUKE. there is no way playing for the bobcats right now is as tough as playing for UNC or DUKE.

and he didn't just play there.....he BALLED. the guy deserves a multi-year contract. absolute insanity that you watch a guy play as well as he did in college and watch his brother do the exact same thing and go on to success and the entire league takes a pass on him. absolutely insane.

i'll wait on the difference between ben gordon and seth curry............................................................................................................................................? 13 million?

Marty Hurney

Agree with others on Curry. Bobcats would be foolish to pass on him - he's a terrific player and a phenomenal shooter. Would be nice to see a Curry out on the floor when we finally get our purple and teal back!

Nat Turner

Rob, I agree Bosh did not win the first championship. However, without Bosh in Game 6, the Spurs would still be drunk off champagne.

Rex Chapman


Think we should take a look at Earl Cureton or Dave Hoppen?


Bosh is better than any big man on the Bobcats roster past and present. LeBron and Wade didn't win those championships WITHOUT Bosh.

Seth Curry should be a Bobcat and I don't like Duke. There is not denying that he can flat out shoot the rock and he can drive to the basket also. Get him on the roster. We need scorers badly!

Bill Arey

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buckshot jenkins

Personally, I'm OK with Henderson walking too. The cats need more outside shooting which is not one of his strengths. Hopefully, free agency season will be an exciting one!


Curry would be an excellent back up to Walker, provide a scorer or the second team and instant offense late in the games when we are behind. Not like that ever happens here.


Teams are sleeping on Seth curry. While they carry rosters full of non productive players. He is a pressure player that can handle the big shot. That's the difference between wins and losses.


Cody Zeller is a solid pick that makes the Cats better from day one. Good job by the front office.


If jameer Nelson and Chris paul can be effective point guards so can Seth Curry.


it's not even about him being a point guard. the guy can shoot. height has never stopped a small shooting guard from making 28 footers.

explain to me the difference between redick and seth curry. redick is a few inches taller but they have the exact same standing reach, curry has a slightly greater wingspan, and i would put money on having a slightly higher vertical.

for all the talk about stephen being taller, he measured 1 inch taller. 1 effing inch. half an inch shorter on reach and wingspan.

seth shot the ball better than redick at duke.

the best comparison I can think of for seth is tony delk. eldridge recasner. that's his WORST CASE scenario with his brother being his best case scenario. how that isn't worth a minimum contract lacks logic. there is no argument for not giving him the rookie minimum to be the 13th guy on the roster. there's no argument against that.


I cannot believe Noel was even thought of as high lottery pick. Too many liabilities- major knee injury, way too little bulk, poor offensive skills. Really not getting why you liked this guy Tom, when he was at best, a project and not a cornerstone. The Zeller pick was sound. And who knows- he, along with some first rounders next year might be the start of something good for the Hornets.


Cody Zeller and Seth Curry played very well for their college teams in 2012, and both would help the new Hornets. Their name recognition in the region is a plus for the fan base. Plus, honestly, how many times have Dell's boys been passed up by teams who were only left weeping in their beers afterwards.

Virginia Tech--and others, including Coach K--underestimated Stephen and went on to regret it. But note that Coach K did not make the same mistake twice, and Seth performed well on the big college stage. So--Zeller and Curry for Charlotte! Let's not let Tom' Sorensen's performance anxiety infect the Hornets' personnel decisions and their brightening future.


You guys are crazy if you think Seth Curry is Tony Delk, Redick, or anyone else mentioned. He is not a point guard either! He is a slow footed shooter.

JJ Redick is the ACC's all time leading scorer so to say Seth shot better than Reddick is crazy. Tony Delk was crazy athletic, so Seth doesn't compare there either.

Seth Curry is Steve Kerr or John Paxson. He is a spot up shooter who can space the floor. He stands in the corner and if his man helps off they kick it to him for 3's. He makes post entry passes because his man can then not help down. He is a strategic offensive peice and probably a defensive liability. You certainly wouldn't want him guarding a point guard!!! He is not as fast as Steph.

I do think he can fit into someones system if he can hit enough shots/shoot a high enough percentage and be able to guard someone on the other end!


I'm sorry but great shooters have a sewed in spot on the floor. Look what Ray Allen just did to the spurs. He's no defensive threat. Curry will be at minimum a threat to most teams, at maximum a champion elite offensive threat


even if you think he's only kerr or paxson, that STILL makes him valuable as the 13th player on the roster which entirely proves my point.

redick WAS the acc's all-time leading scorer. let's make sure you correctly note that.

redick shot 40.6% on 3's at duke. best season being 42.1%.
curry shot 42% on 3's at duke. best season being 43.8%

there is absolutely NO RISK to taking the guy when you're talking rookie minimum. that's less than half a million. for a guy that has a 100% chance of being a great shooter off the bench. a 80% chance of being a rotation player and a 20% chance of being his brother.

why would you ever argue against giving THAT guy a shot? there's no logical argument against it. if jon scheyer didn't have the eye injury at the wrong time, he would have gotten a shot in the nba. curry is NO DOUBT better than scheyer.

i don't know how he DOESN'T compare to tony delk. delk averaged 1.9 assists per game in the nba. and 34% on 3's. he'll surely shoot better than that.

delk was a little bit shorter than curry and played shooting guard off the bench most of his career. and had a LONG career. and like I said, shot way worse than curry will even though delk was regarded as a solid shooter.



something funny i picked up on the video......1 - you see curry going off the dribble with expertise. 2 - who is guarding him??? reggie bullock. 3 - what was the rep on reggie bullock (the #25 pick)? that he was a shooter AND LOCK DOWN DEFENDER.

I'm saying all of this as a die-hard carolina fan. keep that in mind. I would take curry over bullock any day.

you could not have possibly watched that game and said "this kid can't play in the nba". no effing way. half the guys in that game every single year end up in the league. hariston, mcadoo, bullock, kelly, plumlee, etc. all nba bound not to mention the jefferson's and soulamon's and johnsons that look like prospects down the road.

and curry was and IS the star of the bunch. no matter how you cut it. it's absolutely illogical to say otherwise. there's NO evidence to the contrary.


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