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Hawaiian Bob

Tell Jackie I said, "Duh-huh!" She'll know what you mean.


i don't think you guys write ENOUGH about charlotte born and raised athletes that go on to big things.

I think a WHERE ARE THEY NOW styled annual piece would be awesome. a lot of guys over in europe playing high level basketball from CMS schools, lot of baseball prospects either in the majors or close.

anthony morrow doesn't get quite enough coverage especially when he had that ridiculous start to his nba career (record for most points in first start if I'm not mistaken). you got guys like jamie skeen and k.c. rivers playing pro ball in europe. ish smith in the nba too. seth curry will make 4 charlotte grown players in the nba at the same time which is the most we've ever had. and I may be missing someone.

hakeem nicks, mohammed massoquai (excuse the misspelling), omar gaither types in the nfl.

chad tracy, alex wood from ardery kell who made his debut this year for the braves, kyle seager is having a great year for the mariners, etc.

i'm all about the love for steph as he's the most successful of the bunch, but I think they all need some home town love on a regular basis.


Antwawn Jamison was born in Shreveport but developed into a star at Providence High. He's the most successful of them all at this point, but I hope Curry catches him.


curry has already caught jamison. I mean jamison was a SOLID consistent starter and go-to or 2nd option on a lot of mediocre teams. played a great role off the bench for dallas, didn't work out so well in cleveland and LA of late.

I'm a huge jamison fan. jamison never scored 54 points at the garden on national tv and jamison never dominated playoff games the way we just saw curry do it. there is zero doubt that he's the best player to come from charlotte. jamison is a VERY close 2nd. if we say charlotte area, james worthy is still probably tops. if we say all of north carolina.......you might as well say the world......and it def isn't curry.

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