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Disturbing trend: Cam looks great in the first drive, then lost from there. Maybe we need to script the entire game for him.


Wonder where Rivera will be next year, 3 more years wasted on ineffective coaching. Same dispassionate sideline figure. Only 2 games into preseason, but this does not look good.

Hugo Panther

WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWa! It's only pre-season dumbazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzes!

big gulps

We saw a good coach that has a team excited vs a bad coach last night. If that had been a real game the panthers would've lost by 35 or more. I had higher hopes.

You nailed this Tom. This is all on coaching, we have talent. Rivera looked clueless with the sunglasses on last night.

I hope it gets better, but I am sure the new GM already has a list for coaching replacements, if he doesn't, he should.


ease up overreactionists. The offense moved the ball. We didn't run anything creative. The Eagles were trying out their offense that no one has ever seen before and we picked up 3 turnovers. That's 7 turnovers in 2 games for a defense that I heard a guy on the radio say was overrated. Here are some positives Tom - Star was getting a great push up the middle, that usually created the gap for the long runs by the Eagles RBs. David Gettis looked like a #2 receiver and Ted Ginn Jr actually has hands. If Ginn Jr can learn anything from Smitty, that could be an exciting mix of receivers. Our kicker actually looked accurate. The secondary, although still playing soft coverage, remember this is preseason, looks improved. All in all, I'm never happy to see the Panthers in the L column, however I limit my knee-jerks and attitude to reality. Best of luck to the Panthers. Excited and anxiously awaiting Sept 8th!


The offense really struggled without Armanti in there.


The last three seasons, the Panthers have looked unprepared in the preseason. It then takes half a season to get their heads screwed on straight. I'm not impressed with any aspect of the Panthers game.


Thanks Dennis! I wish we had more fans like you! I am disappointed that they did not play better last night, but I wish some of our fans would realize what the preseason really is. There is virtually no true game planning, installations are like 50% complete at this point, the eagles were running an offense nobody has really seen yet, and they run a 3-4 defense that the Panthers rarely see. Get over yourselves and find a new team!!!

Fred Johnson

Ron is nice guy. Shula is a nice guy. McDermott is a nice. None of the three of them can coach a fish in a barrel. Last week the Philly defensive looked clueless against Tom Brady; playing Carolina makes everyone look better.

If we are better than 6-10 I will be shocked.

big gulps

The eagles lost their first preseason game. I guess the team they played had never seen "the new offense" either.

I agree with airbrush. Team is never ready, by the time they halfway figure it out, its too late. Nothing professional about that.

Franklin Berry

Go Browns!!!!!


The panthers did look disinterested last night. But the reality is its hard to have rhythm in preseason games. Has everyone forgot how bad Cam looked in the preseason of his rookie year... Then came Arizona and he showed what he can do.
Also, Gettis looked really sharp and that is important. The DT's looked good and the defense forced turnovers. I wish they looked more inspired, but definitely not as bad as the comments suggest

Mike W

Ahhhhhh!!!! The sky is falling!!!!!!!!

Did anyone notice that the Panther offense basically ran the same type of play the entire first half? If you think that's what the offense will look like come week 1 you should just stop watching football. The main difference was the Panthers running a very basic, plain, vanilla offense while the Eagles were running what they're probably going to run come week 1.

Big Gulps, the Patriots and Eagles practiced against each other leading up to their game. So yes, the Patriots had seen what the Eagles offense looked like and still gave up more points than the Panthers did.




cam keeps it real for the regular season....the preseason is whack!


Joey...Good Point !!! The preseason is all about trying to figure out which players are going to make your final roster. Period.


I love how everybody is saying "It's only the preseason". You are right it is and we should should be better than this. I am fearing a CAM issue this year. He looked terrible. I could tell you where he was throwing the ball because he only looks at the receiver he has already decided to throw to in the huddle. O-Line was terrible. How many guys got through in less than 2 seconds to stuff our RBs in the backfield. Unacceptable. And please all you dreamers wake up and live in the real world. Mediocre is the Charlotte way.

big gulps

totally off topic.

anyone know how Rivera got that scar on his face? maybe a football injury from a broken face mask or something? the dude looks ruggedly awesome.

Sports don

14-9 is close enough to figure we could win the game if we kept starters in. At 14-6 at the half it was hardly decided. If it was 24-6 at the half I would agree with Tom. New coaches always put too much importance on preseason wins and play starters longer to get it and gameplan more as well. I thought holding them to 14 was great.

J W Ludwick

we did not hold anybody to 14, their mistakes held them to 14!Also, our starters played longer than their true starters, the score could have been 35-9. While I am at it, 4th and 3 inside the 10 and we kick a field goal; Come oooooooooon man!


Exactly who do we blame for Shula being chosen as OC??? It should have been Jackson and that will be proven each week for the next 18! And then goodbye Ron.

officer jim

Can't agree more with you on this one Tom. Panther's looked like they were somewhere else most of the game. I have to say this is where coaching come into play, I'm not sure if our coaching staff is up to the task of focusing the players,guess we will find out soon.


Cam has got to stop throwing the ball high. He missed countless times because he can't put the ball on the money. Look at Brady tonight. 11/12 for 107 and a score. Obviously clicking on all cylinders. Mopey was 8/17 with no scores. It's not hard to look around the league and see who has the skills and who can't find their finger because their thumb was in the way. It's time to draft a QUARTERBACK, because what we have is a flash in the pan, hope he's in a good mood today head case who apparently can't get any better no matter how hard he tries.


Clausen, the last 2 games, looks much more focused & prepared than Anderson.
What's scary, both the offense & defense were in another mental state. Getting fooled & out of position on the same play over & over is inexcusable preseason or not.
Why can some coaches can take no names with average talent & give them mental toughness & discipline and others cannot?
It doesn't look like Rivera has that particular talent, hence the Panthers' roller coaster mentality.


Only the preseason, but I do see a disturbing similarity to the slow starts that plagued the San Diego Chargers for the last few years.

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