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big gulps

If we lose to Buffalo Rivera should call a realtor before he gets back to Charlotte, if he hasn't already.

He may have been renting all along though.


If the Panthers lose against the Bills they have a real chance to go into the bye week 0-3. The first team we play that looked bad this week was Tampa and we don't play them until week 8.

Wayne Schaffner

You can see a big difference in coaching ability. When Wilson was overthrown before the go ahead touchdown, the very next play Seattle put in fresh legs. We left Thomas chase again and lost. Even he said he was winded. Why not put in Norman with fresh legs to match Seattle. Wait; that would take coaching.

Karolina Kid

Buffalo is a must win! No question about it but I'm still confused on how Thomas ended up starting over Norman, who has showed his skills in preseason against first stringers. I think we have one of the most talented teams in the league, I wish Rivera would take some chances downfield and let his players play. Don't limit Cam to the pocket, he's more of a danger outside. Throw the ball more than 3 yards per play. I sat thru 3 home games and I may have saw Cam air it out twice.

Shane P

I think the talent discrepancy was most evident with our DB's matched up against their receivers. If we're being honest, there is almost no talent back there, Josh Norman is the most talented of the bunch but isn't even a starter..yet.

This notion that our front 7 can be disruptive enough to hide the flaws in the secondary is obviously wishful thinking, so something needs to be done there. Most likely there's not much they can do to fix it now, outside of a trade to get a beast DB, so it will have to wait until next year where it should be a top priority. That, along with a WR of the future and help along the OL will help this team bridge the gap, talent wise. However, I suspect that the current coaching staff won't be here next year, with the exception of McDermott who I think has done a helluva a job in his time here and who should be a candidate to replace Rivera when the inevitable comes.

I really don't see a scenario where he's back next year, we aren't going to make the playoffs and we have a new GM who's going to have no tolerance for an underperforming team. I'm sorry to say this because Rivera is a great guy but 2-13 in close games is a reflection of coaching and can no longer be brushed aside, especially after the coaching debacle Sunday.

Example: We have momentum after making a huge stop right before the half and have the ball along with 3 timeouts and 35 secs on the clock while nursing a meager 7-3 lead, do you A. Take advantage of the opportunity and try to get into field goal range or B. Pull your skirt up and run to the lockerroom, happy with a 4 point lead and knowing your opponent gets the ball back after halftime but too scared to try anything because you MIGHT turn the ball over. This was just one of several missed opportunities for Rivera who, as usual, played not to lose. This approach wiil not get it done in this league. Period.


I have yet to see a good play action pass, like houston does, being tried in carolina. overall i find a lack of creativity this year vs the super crazy mad scientist approach to offense last year. oh where are the moderates?.. in any case, hope to do a little better this sunday (a little better is all we need). go panthers!!


Two years ago, the Panthers looked downright innovative on offense. They had the two tight end alignment, the run-pass QB option, the downfield attack... It seemed like they had something exposive and special in the making. Now their defense has improved, yet their offense has backslid and is now pretty pedestrian. It is truly a waste when your D can hold a team to twelve points and your offense can't score more than that- especially with the talent that is there.

SC Ken

It seems to me that we make a game plan and stick to it the entire game, no matter what. No revisions during the game or at half time-simply, we'll analyze the loss and make corrections next week! This philosophy has been evident for Rivera's entire tenure and simply will not produce a winning record. Even Cam said following the game that he ran the plays he was given......Duh!

Bill Arey

Buffalo has a good team they will give the Pamthers fits on Sunday,If
They play the way they did against New England.


No doubt.

big gulps

Any coaching candidates ideas?


It is the COACHING!!! Rivera seems like a nice guy but does not have the chops to coach this team. Gruden would take this offense and go crazy. Well, he is already a little crazy but I would take crazy over boring 3 and out pee wee passing league Rivera.

The Three Degrees

Every remaining game here on out the Panthers play is a must win! Can you really see a game that you can say sure Panthers lose this one for us???? Please! ALL games are must wins for this team!! Buffalo is hot or appears to be with a near victory over NE!!! We have to have our A game (if one exist) to leave out of NY with a W. Like others said, start Josh Norman, Cam stop looking at Olsen and SMith all the time, utilize Ginn and Hixon for crying out loud. Still not sold on Lafell....sorry it is what it is..............Its no longer preseason!

Scott Rogers

You people have it all wrong, the game at Buffalo is a must lose for the Panthers. I'm a longtime fan and I want to see them go up there and be humiliated by the Bills like they deserve...oh wait, I forgot to mention I'm from Buffalo :) GO BILLS!!!!!

Panther 4life

Coach Riveria is a nice guy and you KNOW what they say about nice guys...THEY FINISH LAST!

chris wagner

I've notice Cowher is on local TW cable commercials - hmmm.........


Shula lost titles in Tampa with a dominant defense, same crap here.

Dennis B

AS LONG AS JERRY RICHARDSON OWNS THIS TEAM, IT WILL BE AVERAGE AT BEST! Sorry just had to shout that out. He has no need to worry about attendance because of The PSL. His money is made if you show up or stay home. He still thinks it is 1958.


No chance at Buffalo, probably no road wins all year. Will end the season below .500, get used to it Carolina, that's the way it is.


Personally i feel Buffalo is a must win with a schedule as tough as ours. It would also make the Seattle loss a lot easier to stomach.


While it is true that the coaching sucks it is also true that Cam doesn't take to being coached very well. I thought it odd that the reason given for going with Shula is so Cam would not have to learn a new offense. A smart guy would have no problem learning a new offense and would have welcomed the opportunity to continue to learn. Why should Cam be immune from continuing to learn. He could take a lesson from Peyton about how to do what is best for the team, not him. Peyton asked Denver to let him learn from their playbook and then maybe work in a few of his ideas. It looks like our coaching staff just feel that Cam was not capable of learning from a new coach with new ideas. We have a better chance of winning with Anderson with the pocket passing offense that we ran Sunday. Disappointing...


Just because Rivera (or whoever) said the team went with Shula as OC so Cam wouldn't have to learn a new offense doesn't mean Cam is incapable of learning a new offense. Quite the contrary, Cam Newton is intelligent, articulate, and--to me--seems more than ready to learn and do anything relating to the game of football.

For myself, I would say it was Shula and others who didn't want to learn a new offense. Or more accurately, who wanted to dumb down the wide-open, surprise-filled offense that made the team so much fun to watch during Cam's first seasons here. So lay off Newton; he is doing the best he can with what Shula is giving him.


if dwill doesnt fumble and we get them to use their timeouts and we scored stopped them on defense, we wouldnt be having this stupid conversation from a fair weather journalist


If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we could all have a great party!


When does the misery end? This staff has the talent on the field to win, but the coaches are like a deer in the headlights.

RR makes a good defensive coach but no leadership qualities. he just stands on the sidelines and watches. TIME TO GO!!!

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