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When is the Bobcats season opener again? Losing a game like gets coaches fired. Rivera might want to start looking for a realtor.

George Woelfel

Whole coaching staff needs retooling. Panthers are NOT getting better. Can we change coaches please, now! Why not? And don't give me that BS that things are in control and will work out! HA! Been hearing that for 6 seasons!


Got to hand it to E.J for his poise in that drive. Still, the interference call was a killer.


It happened because Rivera/Shula played not too lose on the second-to-last play of the second to last drive (if you call a Hail Mary a drive). Can we please get some coaches who play to win?


Cowher! Cowher! Cowher!


JR can't die fast enough.


Absolutely sick and tired of a defense that can't hang onto a lead late. This was NOT on Cam... you've got a 6 point lead with 80 yards and 90 secs to go and the opponent has no time outs and you blow it? That's bush league defensive play!

As a lifelong Dolphin fan, I love all things Shula and really want his sons to succeed, but two short-field turnovers and no first down pass attempts to the end-zone to take advantage of the shock of the turnover is a mistake Don Shula never made!


Rivera needs to be fired NOW!!!!!!!!


Ron Rivera = George Seifert without the sunglasses.

Bud sudz

If the Panthers score TD's instead of field goals in the red zone, the comeback never happens.

fire rivera

what were they expecting win the kept the coach who lost every single close game he was in the past two seasons?


After the Panther's their second touchdown I said go for 2 points. At that time what would it have hurt. You have a team that has nothing to lose why not be unconventional. Obviously what we been doing hasn't been working.

Pete from Davidson

The coaching staff lost that game. On 3rd and 4 we settled for a fullback dive and a field goal when a first down would have won the game given Buffalo was out of time-outs. Did our coaches realize that even with a field goal it was still a one score lead? We don't play to win; we play not to lose. Big difference.


DeaconBluesNC... the only thing more reprehensible than the way the Panthers defense blew this game...

Was your classless, morally repugnant comment. Please don't breed... we don't need more idiots like you!


Who will be the first dumba$$ to say "...it's only two losses, stop panicking?" Newton should have been benched at halftime in favor of Anderson, and Rivera needs to go....NOW!!!


Do we have options....2-12 in games decided less than 7 pts....Rivera needs to go and the change should be made now...we are headed for another horrible season....what a waste of 3 years..This has to be coaching....please Jerry, you got rid of Hurney, now get rid of that loser Rivera...worst game manager i have ever seen...my big question is who do we hire...do we promote McDermott?

chris a

I don't know what more needs to be said. 2-14 in games decided by 7 or fewer the past 3 seasons. Rivera must go and he must go now! If the Panthers wait until the off-season you might as well chalk 2014 up as a lost season too.

Fire Rivera before Monday, install an interim head coach and let Gentleman hire the new coach by mid-season. At least this lets the new coach gain some much needed chemistry with the team before the start of next season.


Your db's are weak and weaker as they are depleted. Go for a win, not the safe play. Sometimes you play the game at hand, not the coaching book. Go for a win, throw it in the end zone, do something to win a game. A FG is sound football, but we do not need that we need someone (coach) to say we are here to win, not escape with a victory. Rivera is a good number two, lacks the moxie to be a number one in the NFL.


Instead of "managing the clock" put some points on the board for God's sake! STUPID!


Powder Puff Football!

AnaBelle B.

Shame on you Deacon. That comment is highly inappropriate, especially in support of the worthless Panthers, who have NO HOPE period.

Yo Yo Mama Said Hi

Come on Tom, 3rd & 5 you play to win...you need to put the blame where it is due, don't give credit to their QB. So the coach has more faith in the depleted bench-warming secondary then the 1st team offense. Its on you to bring that out.


Hey, John. I don't care.
Apparently you breed only losers.

Richardson is worse than the Titans owner, if that's possible.

Spare me your outrage, and grow a set.

Grand Pubah Bishop Leroy James

Cam is regressing, offensive line is toast, play calling and clock management horrendous.

When a rookie QB goes 80 yards in a minute and a half with no timeouts and scores a TD you have problems. What is even worse is that we probably all saw it coming.

PANIC time to PANIC ! Preseason was not a fluke.


The Panther will never win another meaningful game as long as Jerry Richardson lives. Sure, they will pull out wins in 6 off the final 7, to go 8-8 AGAIN.

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