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I just want to sell my season tickets! That's all now!!!!


Just wow!!!

Randy Howell

Sell this team Jerry!........We are all tired of spending our hard earned money on a sorry product!

Bart D

I'd have been happier if the Panthers had gone for it on 4th and 1- choosing either Newton, Tolbert or DeAngelo to earn their bucks - and NOT made it, than their opting to get a meaningless field goal and put it in the hands of a secondary where both starting corners and safety's were out of the game with injuries.

Hugo Panther

Geez....I'm sick to my stomach. I've given up on the whole situation. My PSL's are worthless.

Rob K


Can you please, please, please do the responsible sportswriter thing and start publicly writing how this team needs a change.

Sportswriters in other cities have sway but it is getting absurd that our sportswriters are as passive as Rivera.


When you in the red zone you have to scoreTD they have no fight in them

Melodie Hipskind

When your highest scorer " ever" is John Kasay! AND we get rid of him, BUT highlight him in our magazine, AFTER he's been let go! What the heck does that say about Jerry Richardson and his decision making? And forget about his "fan rhetoric" so we don't all fold and sell our PSL's. he doesn't really are about his fans! He's made his millions! Hey Jerry, we have 3 PSL's we'd like to sell back to you!


A coach who is about to be fired for losing close games needs to call a pass play on the 3rd and 4 instead of a FB dive and settling for a field goal. The secondary was depleted, can't leave the game in their hands. And the prevent defense with 1:40 left? Really a genius move.


What about the interception that would have won the game for the panthers? Was that pass interference call correct, FOX only showed one replay and it looked like the incorrect call.


McDermott must go. His defensive game calling ius horrible. That last drive was one of the worstdefensive game calling ever. Especially with a rookie qb. No blizes.


Ron Rivera must be fired Monday morning. Shula too. Jerry Richardson should fire himself. He holds this city and its taxpayers hostage this summer for $17 million then puts this lackluster team and coaching staff on the field. I want my money back!

PSL Owner

Cam overthrew how many wide open WR's?

If Derek Anderson was in the game and hit even 25% of those bombs we would of won by 20 over the Bills.

Panthers could very well be 0-3 going into the bye week. Would be a perfect time for a coaching change. Give the new guys 2 weeks to get ready.


Fire coach, trade Cam

Uncle Tom

"...blow game and, probably, season"

Right - because before today they were probably Super Bowl bound.

Melodie Hipskind

When our highest scorer is/was John Kasay and we get rid of him; however, we feature him in the Panther magazine, what the heck does that say about Richardson and his decision making capabilities? I am sick of his "fan rhetoric" letters that mean nothing! He's just worried we'll all roll up the carpet and move on! Forget the player performance, they should forget the $12 beers and PAY fans to be there!

George T

This team needs better coaching as they should be 2-0 but 0-2. That just want get it done. Fire Rivera now !!!!

AnaBelle B.

Bench CAM-FlukeTON!!!

George T

On that last series on offense - you have to go for it as if you get the first down you win. I'd rather loosing trying to win than trying to loose.


3 weeks till they drop the puck for real. Can't take anymore Panther snafus. Go Canes


Jerry Richardson HAS to be the very worst owner in the league. 18 seasons, 4 playoff years, never back to back. Tolerated Hurney's mediocrity for years. Tolerates Rivera's lack of strategy now. All in the name of cheap. If Rivera isn't fired by this time tomorrow I am selling my PSL's and moving on to become a fan of a real NFL team.


I sincerely don't know how much more I can take as a fan. And I don't even blame the players, or the personnel needs we have. It's bigger than that.

I can understand not firing Rivera after two seasons. But I won't be able to understand keeping him employed after these two games.


When you coach without passion, you get players who play without passion! Time for changes....Head Coach, OC, QB! Don't wait Gettleman....JUST DO IT! Let Anderson run this team....Cam does not feel challenged. Let him decide if he is going to be an NFL QB!


Wow...another give away, but this one on the coaching. Instead of field goal, go on 4th, make it, ice the game, don't make it, still need touchdown to beat you. Just like Atlanta last year. No guts.


Why doesn't our defense ever stop anybody in a situation like that? Why does our QB never pull off a drive like that? Is Cam the only QB in the league that has never led a game winning drive in the last two minutes?

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