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Richard page, polkville nc

Panthers suck I now have a paper bag over my head

c whelchel

Go foxy ! Rivera outta here...NOW...He's NO Head Coach...He's too freaking quiet to be a FB Coach in the league ! He needs to get into his coaching staff...and who ever said jerry Richardson needs to go...AGREED! so much money spent on non performers..rookies are DYING to play and are showing up !


Since the first ATL game last season I have wanted Rivera gone. He has consistently shown he does not have what it takes to be a head coach in this league. Just like that game he was 1 yard away from a win and goes for the safe play. We were still up three points and a TD would win no matter what at that point. Why not go for it on 4/1?

We were averaging somewhere around 3 yards per rush that drive. Go for the win, not, not to lose.

I am not sure after two games you want to fire your coach, but the writing is on the wall for Ron.


Unforunately it was on Cam some of it because he keept overthrowing receivers and he can't throw timing patters and he can't call audibles. He is a awful quaterback. Please trade him for some draft picks and lets get a decent quarterback. awful awful awful.


And NO Bill Cowher, please.

Cam McNeely

Maybe Perry Fewell will not need a return flight to NY next weekend.

Its just preseason??

Hey guys we're only 0-2!!!! We have many games to go to turn it around its not time to panic!!!!!! BAAAAWAAHAHAHAHHAHAA!!!

Joseph  Holbert



Do you think there is an effort to drive down PSL values for a move to LA?

Truth Hurts

DeaconBluesNC is right. Everyone crying over that comment can go drink a gallon of bleach and GTFO.

We have statistically just pissed away another season with so many expectations, and why? Keeping a commitment to a worthless idiot posing as a head football coach. Completely gutless, and that fact he is still losing games like this means that, all the way up to the owner, there is ineptitude.

You don't have to like it, but it's truth. To hell with class and morale, this crap is way past old and things just aren't going to change.


Even the most ardent Panthers fan cannot defend that last 1.40 minutes. Rivera got ultra conservative and relied on his banged up secondary.But I think firing him right now would not server any purpose.The new coach is not going to suddenly start winning games with this team. Let us go into the bye week 0-3 and then see where we stand. Even if I was pulling the CAR-NYG prediction out of my a$$, it would come out as as loss everytime !

Rick Poe

Change coaches. Inability to win close games should have told coach to be aggressive and try to close games out yet we still play close to the vest and lose, lose, lose. Get a new coach now


poor play calling in red zone. OC needs to be replaced.

Cub Fan

Lovable Losers, just like my Chi Cubs, get use to it!

Cam will end up just like Vince Young, Backup QB.


After 18 seasons I am done. I cannot take another NFL season pissed off every Sunday night. Sure glad we ran John Fox off and Ron Rivera has Carolina beautiful set to be 0-3 headed into the bye week. Sweet! Hire a second tier coach you get second tier results. Why the surprise? I grew up a Green Bay fan and I am back. Sorry Packers I left you for 18 years. Aloha Jerry Richardson and thanks for the memories. Go Pack!


honestly cam sucks.. he makes no reads. over throws receivers. throws to high. doesn't audible. never runs the option read to his self.

but mike shula is calling bull crap plays.. fire him please.

haters gonna hate

Holy cow? This is the "new, improved Charlotte Observer where all the comments are nice? And I scroll down and read someone called DeasonbluesNC saying that "Jerry Richardson can't die fast enough?" Oh yes, this is SUCH an improvement over the "old" C.O.

Unbelievable really.


i love our players. All of them. Even the flawed ones. A mediocre team can win with good coaching. I believe we have (well, had before half our team went down today with injury) a great team that could win with even mediocre coaching. Rivera is pitiful. I feel bad for the guy. After this stint he will be lucky to get a division 3 college special teams coaching job. Gotta go. If he is on that field next Sunday I am pretty sure Richardson is going to lose a fair amount of fans. Do not be cheap old man. Go big, hire a NAME! We don't care. Gruden, Cowher, ANYONE with a proven winning record. No more assistant coaches. We want a proven commodity!


while i know the stat (12% of 0-2 teams make the playoffs) - i can't say i can appreciate a newspaper adding fuel to the fire of the panic parade.

Sure - it doesn't look good. sure they should have won this game. sure rivera deserved to be fired at the end of last year. sure we lose entirely too many games on one play.

but i would be hard pressed to call it the end of the world 2 games in when we aren't getting BEAT by teams but beating ourselves.

easy explanation for the no timeouts game winning drive: 4 injured defensive backs and 1 huge penalty. pass interference isn't called, game over.

offense putting up 23 points (even if 6 came off of big turnovers) is enough to work with. norman and moore got ate up today.

and don't give me the injury excuse. the 3 or 4 plays before he got hurt were ALL directed at norman and he was getting KILLED out there. i don't know which of the 2 were to blame on the last play but they left the guy alone. on the biggest play of the game, they didn't communicate who was where and left the guy alone. that was horrible. paging florence drayton.


Cam definitely is regressing. I was not popular at our gathering for the TV game today when I caleld for Derek Andreson. Yeah - no # 2 receiver stepping up, Shulas's bad play calling - I get that - but who is throwing all those balls over the receiver's heads and behind them? That would be Cam. At least on the way home on a Nation al Show - someone agreed with me when disussing the futility of certain teams and next year's QB draft class - and yes - they question whether Cam is the answer here. Derek Anderson would be more precise. And he gives us a better chance to win! Cam has not proved he can consistently lead a team and make plays that lead to wins.


As a high school football coach, I understand the pressure of the at the moment decisions in a game and I would not assume to think I know how I would function on the NFL level. With that said, to be 2-14 in close games under 7 pts, shows a deficiency in coaching strategy. In each case the Panthers continue to use the prevent defense. I have never used and will not use this defense. Win, lose or draw, you have to use the same defense that got you the lead.

Bring Pro Football to Charlotte

It starts at the top. JR is as greedy and arrogant as they come. And YOU fools spending your money keep him laughing all the way to the bank. You accept the pathetic product he gives you year after year after year. Like anything else, nothing will change to you hurt his wallet. So shut the H up and take your medicine. You enable it, live with it. Don't like it? Quit supporting it. Why should players and coaches care when it's obvious the fans don't? Live the dream panther fans, cause that is all you will ever have under JR.


Whether Rivera is fired now or not the season is likely over. You can't hire an NFL coach in the first quarter of a new season, but it does give them plenty of time to evaluate who they might go after. Just get the inevitable over with and make the best of what looks to be a very long year with a lot of wasted talent. Send Shula packing at the same time, he has no idea what he's doing.


Wow. J.R. folks are really mad at you. I thought I was mad and being nasty for saying fire you as an owner, but now that almost seems tame. Go Panthers! And when I say "go" I mean as in back to the drawing board.


DeaconBluesNC: JR can't die fast enough.

Posted by: DeaconBluesNC | September 15, 2013 at 04:37 PM

The above is appropriate? Tom, you're not paying attention.

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